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Getting Started with ClientUI 6

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What's New in ClientUI 6

The latest ClientUI 6 focuses on a wide array of data presentation controls for Silverlight and WPF development. The major new controls are schedule view, report viewer for SQL 2008 Reporting Services, flow document viewer, ribbon controls, and dozens of innovative data-aware controls. Read below to discover each control's unique features.

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Introducing ClientUI 6

ClientUI At a Glance

The philosophy behind ClientUI is that every component under the ClientUI® brand shares a generic set of compatible API supporting both Silverlight and WPF application development. ClientUI enables developers to create Silverlight applications that can be easily migrated to WPF without major code rewrite. The result is high-quality, rich business applications that work consistently in both platforms. It features a vast array of developer’s most wanted features, namely MVVM-pattern support, journal-aware navigation with deep link and external XAP loading capability, WPF-style routed events and commanding, fluid drag-drop framework, and much more.

Since ClientUI resembles a wide range of feature-sets ranging from architecture to development to runtime, it gives all the tools needed in RIA development for different types of users, from system architects, web developers to UX designers and end users. Visit Intersoft ClientUI to discover what ClientUI can do for you.

Experience ClientUI Online

With nearly 140 samples, ClientUI showcase implements many UI scenarios commonly used in business applications such as sign up and login forms, editing dialog box with expandable groups, and rich editing application with tool bar, menu bar and context menu. Explore the finest showcases in here.

Learning Resources

The following blog series were published to help you understand the common aspects and challenges you will encounter while building business Silverlight and WPF applications. These blogs closely discussed on the latest controls developed in ClientUI 6.

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As you jump start with ClientUI, we're sure you’ll have questions around the usage, features, or how-to achieve specific tasks using the various ClientUI controls. Please post your questions in this forum and expect a same-day response from our support engineers.

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