The Gold Standard for Enterprise Mobile Development Toolset is here.

Crosslight 4 marks the gold standard in mobile development, bringing many exciting features to the table: rock-solid sync framework, stunning charts, dialog presenter, view projection, new barcode scanner service, extensible logging framework and REST filters, tighter integration to your favorite IDEs, and more.
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The Ultimate Sync Framework.

Crosslight 4 is here with a much improved sync framework to address all sync challenges found in enterprise scenarios. Built from our experiences designing real-world enterprise apps that empower thousands of users, Crosslight sync framework is aimed to become the industry’s most advanced data synchronization framework for mission-critical enterprise apps. Learn more.

Parallel Syncing

The best data synchronization framework just got better. Crosslight 4 now includes support for multiple, parallel synchronization processes to be done at once. This means your apps sync much faster now, improving the overall performance and user experience. All you need to do is defining the synchronization channels, tables to be synced, set the priority, and sync away.

Queue Prioritization

Some data are just more important than others, and in enterprise scenarios, you will often encounter time-critical data that needs to be synchronized first, no matter what. This is where smart queue management comes to play. By adjusting the priority of the synchronization channels, you can specify which channels should start its process immediately, and which one stays in normal queue.

Rock-Solid Sync

Data integrity and reliability are the key ingredients to building long-lasting, sync-enabled enterprise apps. Building on real-world experiences, Crosslight 4 includes major improvements to achieve zero-failure during data sync. Whether the Internet connection is lost or the server is unreachable during sync, your data will remain intact with the sync state automatically recovered.

Smart Sync State

In this release, Crosslight perfected data syncing further with a new, smarter state management – a feature that automatically look for potential pending changes in the server just before the actual sync process takes place. Taking account every possible scenarios, from bad to worst, Crosslight synchronizes your data with rock-solid integrity. It's the ultimate sync framework for cross-platform mobile development.

Supercharged Data Access Components.

The new Crosslight 4 brings a plethora of new features that increases the overall performance of your app: view projection technology to speed up read operations, enhanced Query Descriptor with support for client-side dynamic queries with AnyFilterDescriptor, and all-new relationship management mechanism to support even the most complex table relationships.

Easily Create Shaped Views with View Projection Technology.

Crosslight 4 puts an end to slow read operations in listing data, thanks to the new view projection technology. With the new view projection, you will no longer need to include navigational properties ever again which greatly reduce the data footprint and improves overall app's performance.

View projection lets you easily include navigational properties and aggregate values into a flat single object. And here's the best part, you can do that all from the client-side without requiring custom server query. Learn more.

Client-Side Aggregation and Arithmetic Operations Support.

Along with the new view projection feature, Crosslight takes data shaping even further through data aggregation with arithmetic support. It’s designed so intuitive for developers, allowing you to easily perform data aggregation with just simple definitions in the client-side – absolutely no additional server query required.

For example, you can perform basic aggregate functions such as Sum, Count, Average, Max, and Min. Even better, you can also perform custom arithmetic calculation with grouping support such as shown in the above figure. Learn more.


Filter Out Collections More Effectively.

Introducing AnyFilterDescriptor, you can now easily perform entity filtering over collection navigational property. Nested hierarchical navigation filtering is also supported. For example, you can now create a query to get a list of customers whose subscriptions have expired – right in the client without touching any server code.

Enhanced Relationship Management

Ultra Complex Tables? Bring It On.

Enterprise apps often have complex table structure and relationships, and typical data framework just won't cut it. Crosslight 4 data access framework has been significantly improved to support even more advanced scenarios, enabling you to rapidly build enterprise apps with complex table relations.

Mobile Charting Unlike Any Other.

Meet the new Crosslight Charting. Designed from the groundup, Crosslight Charting delivers best-in-class features that work equally great in both iOS and Android platforms, without compromise. Comes with predefined beautiful charts and intuitive API, visualizing your data has never been this easy. Learn more.

Choose from over 20+ chart types.

Featuring over 20 chart types, Crosslight Charting is the ultimate mobile charting suite that every developer will love.
Even better, you can also mix-and-match multiple chart series as you like, and display them in a single chart.

Best-in-Class Charting Features.

Crosslight Charting sports a plethora of features that makes it the best in its class.

Lightning-fast Performance.
Pixel-perfect Rendering.

Built from the ground-up, Crosslight Charting is engineered for performance. It's not your typical "fast", but lightning-fast performance. Full vector-based rendering let's the chart to retain its sharpness and high pixel crispness after so much interaction.

Made for Human.

We've carefully designed each and every interactivity with thoughtful consideration in mind. Just pinch the chart to see things in a larger view. Scroll and pan your way to view more areas of the chart. Double tap to zoom in and out of the chart. It's the natural thing to do.

Smoothly Animated

Seeing is Believing.

When the chart loads up, it animates smoothly with the most appropriate animation for the corresponding chart types. For example, pie and doughnut series will be circularly-animated, column and bar will animated from its axis, and so on. It's also beautifully animated when the data is changed, new series are added or deleted at runtime.

Fully Customizable

Move It Around. Repaint It. Give it A Facelift.

Every chart element is customizable – from the font, title, legend, position, color palette, fill style, data point style, axis style, and a lot more. In addition, you can also customize every little detail of the chart experience such as the animation duration. This allows you to obtain full control over its appearance and easily integrate Crosslight Charting to match your app branding.

Fully Automatic

Automatic Smart Display.

Crosslight Charting doesn't just look beautiful, it's also smartly designed so everything just works with very minimal configuration. It automatically determine the best axes, label positioning, interval range just by binding your data to it. Crosslight Charting has the best of both worlds: gorgeous looks and a powerful brain.

Built-in Enterprise Features

Make It More Meaningful.

Crosslight Charting comes with enterprise features without additional costs, such as data annotations and custom grid lines. You can easily mark a certain point inside the chart, allowing you to present more meaningful information on the chart. For example, you can mark a specific day where attendance is 0 because of a company trip.

One Presenter to Rule Them All.

Crosslight brings a new presenter to the family: dialog presenter. The new dialog presenter allows you to display any kind of content you want and offers the utmost flexibility in displaying information or receiving inputs from the user, with your own app branding. Learn more.

Works Beautifully on iOS.

Adopting the universal presenter design approach, the dialog presenter on iOS displays your content beautifully, no matter what screen size you are in. On iPad, it is presented intuitively from the edge of the screen whereas on smaller screen devices, it will displayed modally in the center of the screen.

And Android Too.

Supporting phones and tablets, the dialog presenter on Android pltaform supports any Fragments to be displayed inside the dialog presenter, allowing you to display any type of content. With developer-friendly callbacks, the dialog presenter is truly the one presenter to rule them all.

The Industry's First MVVM Barcode Reader.

Did you know? You can easily turn your phone into a versatile barcode scanner, thanks to the new Crosslight Barcode Scanner service. Built from the ground up, the Crosslight Barcode Scanner service supports over than 20 types of barcodes.

Just fire up the barcode scanner service and start scan all kinds of barcodes. When it detects a barcode, it automatically returns developer-friendly callback, allowing you to process the barcode immediately. Learn more.

Powerful and Flexible Logging Framework.

Building seriously good apps will require seriously good logging framework – one that is easy-to-use, highly flexible and extensible, yet blazing fast. Crosslight Logging Framework is designed to work just like that. And even better, it works reliably on multiple platforms, in both client and server.

Don't waste your valuable time playing guessing game with production issues, start logging right away with the powerful Crosslight Logging Framework. Learn more.

Extensible Architecture

The Crosslight Logging Framework comes with a simple, yet powerful approach to logging: log now, export everywhere. The extensible architecture of Crosslight Logging Framework allows you to write logging in a simple manner whether at the client or server, yet allowing you to output the logged data to the desire target with consistent and streamlined API.

Painless Logging

Crosslight makes logging painless – thanks to the intuitive, developer-friendly API. The Crosslight logging interface is modeled upon popular logging concept which favor simple logging API with predefined naming conventions. This means that you don't need to concern the actual implementation of the logging, all you need to do is accessing the Logger property available in your ViewModel class.

Integration to Azure Application Insights.

Your application logs shouldn't end up in dark, isolated disk storage. With Crosslight Logging, you can publish your logs to Windows Azure by simply plugging in the logging extension for Azure Insights. It just works, automatically, without changing the way you log.

This allows you to gather various useful information, such as ensuring the application's availability for your users, diagnose exceptions and performance issues, analyze your application's usage, and more. To enable integration, all you need to do just provide the Instrumentation Key obtained from Azure Application Insights, and start monitoring your app. Learn more.

Improved Form Builder.

Crosslight developers have long enjoyed the simplicity of achieving this task using the Crosslight Form Builder, which generates cross-platform forms just by using simple metadata definition. In this release, the Crosslight Form Builder receives two new enhancements: interactive section visibility with animation and a new numeric stepper editor.

New Numeric Stepper

When dealing with numbers in a form, there are several cases which would make sense if the user enters the field in the form of small number increments, for example, number of passengers, duration of stay, quantity, etc. In these cases, the standard numeric textbox can do the job, but it would be a suboptimal experience. The new numeric stepper editor provides a more intuitive way to capture such simple, constrained number input scenario. Learn more.

Section Visibility Binding

In earlier versions of Crosslight, you have enjoyed how form builder intuitively show and hide properties when it is out of context. For example, hiding the Sold Date field when the item still on sale, then showing the Sold Date when the item is sold. Now you can apply visibility binding not only to properties, but to sections as well, that smoothly animates at runtime.

What’s New in Crosslight.iOS

Crosslight 4 release marks an important milestone for iOS development specifically the addition for universal storyboards and Xamarin iOS designer support. In addition, this release adds a highly sophisticated data visualization library and dozens of amazing UI components that will surely elevate your iOS app to the next level. That's not all – this release also includes over hundreds of new features and improvements across existing components that will significantly shorten your development time. Learn more.

Stunning Drawer Animation

Two new stunning animations have been added to the Drawer Navigation component, including the most demanded sliding parallax and scale animation. Rotations and gestures have been automatically handled for you, so all you need to do is simply setting a property to enable the animation.

Universal Search Controller

Crosslight 4 introduces a new search controller that is modeled upon iOS 8's universal presentation design pattern. Instead of embedding the search bar within table view, you can now display a search controller from anywhere in your app. The search controller supports modal navigation, which smoothly animates the search bar from the top. Best of all, it provides built-in data binding support, enabling you to reuse existing ViewModel without code changes.

Versatile Segmented Controller

Every new Crosslight release introduce new design patterns allowing you to quickly build modern and professional-looking apps. In this release, you can now build advanced apps that use segmented bar as the navigation interaction. Seamlessly integrated to the Crosslight navigation framework, segmented bar controller lets you easily display multiple list of data, or a list of data with different filters.

Floating Label for Table Cell

In its fourth generation, Crosslight is more mature than ever, enabling you to create a wide range of business apps rapidly through the introduction of many new UI components. This small yet super handy component lets you to create a floating label in table view which is perfect for number indicator or highlight. Unlike the standard label, Cell Label maintains its styles and background color when the table cell is selected.

Gorgeous Content Presenter with 8 Prebuilt Transitions

Crosslight 4 introduced an all-new gorgeous UI component that lets you easily design amazing iOS apps with modern user interface. Introducing Dialog Presenter, you can now present a custom dialog and receive additional input from users. It lets you present a custom view content that may contain additional input controls and more sophisticated UI logic bound to a ViewModel. Learn more.

Vibrant Rounded Button with 3 Prebuilt Button Styles

Introducing the new vibrant rounded button, you can now facelift your iOS apps with modern and beautiful buttons featuring hairline-thin stroke and vibrancy effect. Crafted with pixel-perfect rendering, the gorgeous button control provides various predefined button styles and content styles that suit your design preferences.

More importantly, the button control is engineered with compliance to iOS gesture tracking standard defined in the human interface guidelines, including ability to track touch down inside or out, as well as touch up inside or out. Learn more.

What’s New in Crosslight.Android

In this release, Crosslight.Android receives three new major improvements: Gorgeous Rounded Button, Handy Numeric Stepper and Fused Location Provider support.

Gorgeous Rounded Button

The new rounded button allows you display a round button with adjustable width and height. This allows you to improve the overall look of your app with nice, round-accent buttons. All you need to do is just specify the image source and the text you would like to use. Learn more.

Handy Numeric Stepper

The numeric stepper control is a versatile control that allows users to perform changes to a numeric value in small increments. You can specify the minimum value as well as the maximum value, and also how many increments you want the stepper to perform. It also works with Crosslight Form Builder, so you can integrate the numeric stepper into various kinds of forms, for example, guest reservation form. Learn more.

Fused Location Provider

In the first iteration, Crosslight introduced a versatile, cross-platform mobile service, which includes a very useful location service, that allows developers to obtain the location of the device. In this release, the location service for Android is enhanced with the use of Fused Location Provider. The Fused Location Provider conforms to the native Android approach in getting the last known location of the device. It's all done automatically so you don't have to make any code changes.

Even Better Tooling Support.

Mobile developers heavily rely on IDE to write, build, debug, test and deploy their apps on devices. A comprehensive framework should be able to provide great tools for developers to rapidly build apps. Crosslight developers have long enjoyed the range of high quality IDE and tooling support that is compatible in Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio, such as Crosslight Project Wizard, numerous item templates and project templates.

In this release, Crosslight 4 is enhanced with even improved IDE and tooling support: iOS universal storyboard, Xamarin iOS designer, Visual Studio 2015 support and Visual Studio 2015 Android Emulator support.


Visual Studio 2015 and Android Emulator Support.

As a Visual Studio Industry Partner, Intersoft Solutions has always been at the forefront of bringing day 1 support to every Visual Studio launch. Great news! Crosslight 4 now adds full support for Visual Studio 2015. And yes, Crosslight.Android apps work great with Visual Studio Android Emulator too!


Universal Storyboard and Xamarin.iOS Designer Support.

Crosslight 4 simplifies the way you build universal iOS apps through the storyboard support. More importantly, it is also the first in industry to support rich development experience in Xamarin iOS Designer. You can now discover Crosslight UI components in the Toolbox, then simply drag and drop them to the designer surface, and customize settings with just simple point and click.

The Best Enterprise Development
Tools Just Got Better

Intersoft Premier Studio is now upgraded with support for the latest, cutting-edge technologies: Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, over more than 12,000 new APIs and tons of enhancements for Crosslight. It's the definitive, next-gen enterprise development tools.

Visual Studio 2015 Support

In this new release, WebUI and ClientUI toolset are fully upgraded to support the new IDE. Crosslight Project Wizard and Entity Designer has been enhanced to support Visual Studio 2015. And yes, Crosslight.Android apps work great with the new Visual Studio Android Emulator too.

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