New Visual Themes

Two new themes and three editing form styles are included in WebScheduler, adding its rich visual styles library. The Windows 7 style lets you dress your scheduling application in a modern glassy appearance. In just one property set, all UI/X elements are transformed, adjusted according to the selected styles.

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Intuitive UI UX with New Visual Themes

Powerful integrated calendar and scheduler

A breakthrough scheduling component requires a foundation of genuinely advanced calendar technology. WebScheduler's powerful and flexible Calendar engine provides smooth and effortless navigation, view highlighting and selection. Incorporating features such as Vista-style view range selection, WebScheduler blends the best of new, innovative functionality with a familiar, easy-to-learn environment.

Powerful integrated calendar and scheduler

Elegant Google-style callout

Powered by Intersoft's WebCallOut.NET technology, WebScheduler's built in editor provides a convenient and elegant way to add and edit events. With full access to all WebScheduler elements, such as Resources, Categories, and Recurrences, it blends seamlessly with the attractive WebScheduler interface to provide the ultimate scheduling experience.

Scheduler’s built in Google-style callout editor

Multiple selections

Adding a new event doesn't get any easier: select a range of cells, release the mouse button, and enter the event details. Setting a single property in WebScheduler enables this powerful feature.

Scheduler adds new event easily

Superior user experience

WebScheduler's robust and sophisticated architecture enables users to smoothly drag-and-drop or resize Events regardless of the view mode. Simply drop an Event into the Resources column and the Event Resources will automatically update.

Scheduler with Superior user experience

Smart context menu

WebScheduler leverages Intersoft's powerful WebContextMenu component to provide an intelligent, adaptive context menu. Menu entries are automatically adjusted based on the content of the specific schedule element from which the menu was raised, providing the ultimate user-friendly web-based calendar and schedule component.

Scheduler with an intelligent, adaptive context menu

Cutting-edge rendering

The first of its kind, WebScheduler provides unparalleled performance while maintaining the highest visual standards at all levels. No other ASP.NET schedule component packs as much power and versatility into such an attractive interface.

Scheduler with cutting edge rendering
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