Eight Ways to View

Unlike traditional schedulers which offer limited views, WebScheduler sets a new standard with up-to 8 views for the best data viewing experience. Let end user switch between different views – making the most of their data

Eight ways to view

Sophisticated Gantt-style interface

WebScheduler redefines scheduling functionality with TimelineView™, an innovative feature that displays events in a Gantt-style interface with five level drill-down. Listing Resources in rows and time in columns, this feature is especially useful for building Enterprise Resources Planning applications that require advanced planning and projection capabilities.

Sophisticated Gantt-style interface


WebScheduler introduces another innovative view, TrueSplitView™, which enables users to view all events grouped by resources. A key feature in WebScheduler.NET, we continually enhance its functionality to support ever-increasingly advanced enterprise work flow and planning scenarios.

True split view

Rich variety of view modes

Bringing an unequalled degree of flexibility to schedule viewing, WebScheduler complements the standard “Day, Week and Month” views with three additional innovative views: Quarter, Year, and Agenda. You can even customize the views enabled in WebScheduler. For example, you might choose to restrict WebScheduler to display only Day and Week view for special requirements.

Rich variety of view modes

Convenient one-click event switching

WebScheduler is user-friendly in every aspect. Switching between views requires only a single click, and no page refresh – your selected view renders instantly.

One click event switching
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