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Build your own office toolbar

WebToolBar delivers a desktop toolbar experience equal to that of Microsoft Office. Faithfully replicating the Office toolbar style and behaviors, it features sliding visual effects, docking, and more.

Move and dock toolbars with ease

The superior WebToolBar rendering engine enables smooth docking and placement of your elegant toolbars. Similar to toolbar movement and docking found in Office, simply click on the left edge and drag it to any corner.

Visually rich predefined styles

WebToolBar comes with several familiar predefined styles. A snap to add, these themes create a consistent appearance across an application.

Smart rendering technology ensures flawless edges and corners

Powered by Intersoft’s superior TrueShape technology, WebToolBar’s dynamic rendering engine creates round corners that blend perfectly into transparent backgrounds and gradients, eliminating the need to use images to create rounded corners.

Stack your toolbars in style

WebToolBar allows you to merge toolbars from your parent page with those in a child page. There are 2 merging types: ToolBar Merging, which merges the toolbars, and ToolCommand Merging, which merges the individual commands within the toolbars.

High performance toolbar with advanced Load-on-Demand technology

WebScheduler leverages Intersoft’s powerful WebContextMenu component to provide an intelligent, adaptive context menu. Menu entries are automatically adjusted based on the content of the specific schedule element from which the menu was raised, providing the ultimate user-friendly web-based calendar and schedule component.

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