Easily design your own tabstrip with the WYSIWYG editor

WebTab offers numerous customizations, such as flexible tab size, structure management, scroll enable, closure enable, and automatic resizing. Set global widths, or switch to automatic adjustment according to the content’s width. Structure management is a unique feature which enables you to load the last saved tab structure programmatically at runtime. Scrolling enables users to scroll through all tab items when there are too many tabs to fit the width of the WebTab control.

Flexible appearance and behavior customizations

Smart rendering engine with minimal memory use

WebTab provides three rendering modes to provide professional tab controls for your web application: Simple, RoundCorner, and ComplexImages. Simple mode will render basic rectangular edges for the tab headers. RoundCorner mode renders superb round corners without requiring bitmaps. ComplexImages mode is the most advanced, allowing you to create more sophisticated visual styles and appearances for tab headers by using your own images.

Smart Rendering Engine

Predefined styles

WebToolBar allows you to merge toolbars from your parent page with those in a child page. There are 2 merging types: ToolBar Merging, which merges the toolbars, and ToolCommand Merging, which merges the individual commands within the toolbars.

Predefined styles

Rich client API and client-side events

The superbly extensible WebTab provides a rich API and exposes numerous client-side events, enabling you to easily configure its behavior.

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