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Build an interactive push message system with the powerful OnTheFlyPostBack technology

Driven by the powerful OnTheFlyPostBack technology, WebNotification enables interactive push message systems to your ASP.NET applications. It’s an ideal tool for the ability to send notification messages from servers to clients. For example, an integrated Hospital Information System which requires a notification of every scheduled patient appointment.

Predefined styles

Easily set properties with Component Designer

WebNotification comes with the user friendly Component Designer. This interactive designer is integrated into Visual Studio IDE and allows you to quickly locate and set properties without having to search for them in the properties window.

Full control over all styles and behaviors

When the predefined styles don’t meet your needs, just create your own. WebNotification offers customization for all visual elements and configuration features such as notifications update interval and notification window display duration.

Supports complex real-life scenarios

WebNotification's broad and rich feature set supports all types of web applications regardless of their size and complexity. A few of its advanced features include a built-in context menu, clickable notification, and audio visual notification effects.

Elegant object model and rich client APIs

WebNotification is designed to be used easily by developers from all backgrounds. It provides a strongly-typed object model as the data backbone for client/server communication. At the core of its architecture is the WebNotificationEvent object which contains all information required by the WebNotification control to receive new notification events.

Predefined styles

WebNotification provides several popular themes, such as Microsoft Outlook 2003 and MSN Messenger. Simply use Component Designer to select the desired style.

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