Adds a rich Outlook navigation system to your web application

Give users a true Microsoft Office-style navigation pane in your web applications. WebNavPane offers a superior navigation pane system, with rich visual styles and advanced features.

Adds Rich Outlook Navigation

Easy configuration with Component Designer

Component Designer makes customizing and configuring WebNavPane a snap. All properties are organized into logically grouped tabs. In just minutes you will have an advanced pane navigation system for your ASP.NET applications.

Rich client-side API and events

WebNavPane leverages its client-side framework to present a consistent object model for both server-side and client-side development. Its comprehensive API gives you complete control of its runtime behavior. Easily disable or enable a WebNavBar, programmatically get the WebNavBar collection or WebNavBarItems collection, or change the caption, tooltip or image of a WebNavBar or WebNavBarItem.

Rich client-side API and events

Predefined styles

WebNavPane provides several popular themes, such as Classic, Minimalist, and Outlook. Simply use Component Designer to select the desired style, or apply a global style from WebStyleManager.

NavPane Predefined Styles

Fully customizable visual elements

In addition to its predefined styles, WebNavPane allows you to customize most elements through the WebStyle and DynamicStyle properties. This flexibility enables you to precisely match WebNavPane’s style to the style of your web application.

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