.net 4.6 and webGrid

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John BoninMember

Using the latest version of webGrid.

I have a page which uses a grid and has code behind to get some values from the selected row:

Dim keyValue As String = WebGrid4.SelectedRowKeyValue
x = keyValue
name = WebGrid4.RootTable.GetUngrouppedRows().GetRowByKeyValue(keyValue).Cells.GetNamedItem("Name").Text

When running it using ASP .NET Framework 4.0 all is fine and the keyValue returned is the value that I am expecting, so no problem.  But if I go to Framework 4.6 and change the <httpRuntime tag in web.config to use the targetFramework=4.6, the SelectedRowKey value (listed above) returns a null value. Removing the targetFramework=46 from <httpRuntime gets the proper value for keyValue.

Any ideas?


Any help would be appreciated.


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