Crosslight 6 Out Now

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Hello Fellow Crosslight Developers,

I wonder when the headline "Crosslight 6 Out Now" will make it to this forum. Will there ever be a Crosslight 6?

I am trying to get an answer to this question for almost 3 months now. I have written countless mails to Intersoft where I asked about the next release date of Crosslight and about a roadmap for Crosslight.

I never got a binding answer. It sounded always like "we will pass your question over to the dev team and let you know".

Does anybody have information about the future of Crosslight? It would be nice to share it in this post.

I really like developing with Crosslight, but the support is inexistent for weeks now. Reproducable bugs are not fixed and there is no official statement about future release. I wonder if I should hold on to develop new apps with Crosslight.

I would really appreciated to hear something from fellow Crosslight devs or get a binding statement from Intersoft.



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