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Layout Panels Overview

Intersoft ClientUI includes a wide range of panels and layout controls that essential to build the application's user interface,ranging from fundamental panels such as wrap panel and dock panel, to advanced panels such as dragable stack panel, uniform grid panel, and auto fit panels.

All ClientUI panels are built with advanced layout calculation logic to deliver high-performance rendering and interface layouting. The DockPanel and WrapPanel provides essential layout support for modern application interface, while UXStackPanel and UXGridPanel provides more advanced features such as smooth visual drag-drop capability, rich user interaction, and more.

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The following table lists the layout panels available in ClientUI.

An advanced panel with automatic overflow mechanism.
A robust layout panel with four-side docking and custom fill.
A uniform grid panel with drag drop capability.
An interactive stack panel with fluid drag drop.
A content control with auto stretch/scale mechanism.
A panel with auto wrapping mechanism.


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