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DockPanel is a fundamental panel that provides four-side docking layout with one fill element. Unlike traditional DockPanel, Intersoft's DockPanel provides advanced fill docking feature in which the fill element can be any children element regardless of its logical order, thus allows more flexible UI layout and design.

Customizing Fill Logic Mode

Intersoft DockPanel has a unique arrangement feature that allows you to apply the fill logic to any elements regardless of the logical order. In the traditional dock panels, only the last element can be set as the fill element. To set a child as the fill element, you set the IsFillElement attached property of the desired element to true. To learn more about DockPanel, see Panels Overview.

The DockPanel also introduces two mode of the fill logic arrangement. In the default fill logic, all elements will be calculated first prior to the element on which IsFillElement property is set. This mode is also named as SkipFillToLastOrder.

The latter version includes a new LogicalOrder mode in which all elements will be processed simultaneously, including the element on which IsFillElement property is set, regardless of their logical order. This mode allows the fill element to be layouted as desired without have to reorder its logical position.

The following illustration shows the comparison of both mode.

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