Data Export

WebScheduler offers you two widely-used export formats, PDF and iCal. Support for the iCal format enables you to synchronize your events between WebScheduler and any application that supports iCal import, such as Microsoft Outlook®. WebScheduler's superior PDF export has the ability to capture the current client view and export the active information, including all styles and formatting.

Easy information exchange in PDF document

In today’s dynamic business climate, the free flow of data is essential for rapid decision. WebScheduler answers this need with superior data export capabilities. You can easily export the active scheduler view to a PDF document for easy offline review.

Easy information exchange

Synchronize to Microsoft Outlook®

Support for the iCal format, WebScheduler enables your user to seamless syncrhonize his data to Microsoft Outlook® anytime. Imagine buildling a team management application which breakdowns a large project into sub-module with appropriate deadline and have it synced to each team member’s Microsoft Outlook®.

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