Invoke functions via WebService or WebForms

Access remote services in whichever way best suits your application. WebFlyPostBackManager can invoke a function in WebService page via the widely used SOAP protocol. For greater performance and security, it can also invoke functions in WebForm-based pages.

Integrate smoothly with other Intersoft components

WebFlyPostBackManager supports both standard ASP.NET controls and complex third-party controls, enabling a professional server-side coding approach in components such as those in Intersoft WebUI Studio.

Notify users of AJAX callbacks

Keep users informed during AJAX callbacks by using WebFlyPostBackManager's text and image loader to display notifications when a flypostback action occurs. This customizable feature accepts your HTML template and displays it at any screen location.

Page refresh via AJAX callback

In addition to using AJAX for client-server data communication, WebFlyPostBackManager provides the ability to refresh client UI immediately.

Transform existing web applications to AJAX-enabled websites

Flawlessly update existing web applications to fully AJAX-enabled websites with WebFlyPostBackManager, the AJAX enabler control from Intersoft Solutions. Taking full advantage of FlyPostBack technology, WebFlyPostBackManager offers robust AJAX callbacks for the largest and most complex web applications. Simply drag-and-drop a WebFlyPostBackManager instance and set a few properties – every postback will be automatically converted to FlyPostBack.

Callback with JSON response format

The new WebFlyPostBackManager includes native JSON support, data exchange format based on JavaScript Object Notation, when used in WebForm and WebService mode. It also includes built-in JSON wrapper for ADO.NET objects, such as DataSet, DataTable, and DataView – making data exchange completely hassle-free. JSON format is more lightweight and returns less data footprint compared to XML format.

Extensive collection of client events

WebFlyPostBackManager exposes numerous client-side events that you can use to create highly interactive and extensible web applications. These client-side events can be easily accessed via the properties window.

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