HTML5-compliant dialog box

The enhanced WebDialogBox now includes more comprehensive HTML 5 support. This means that you can now consume WebDialogBox in your standards-compliance, HTML 5 doc type. All rendering and user interface aspects are properly calculated which translates to pixel-perfect layout.

Add elegant drop shadow effect easily

With a simple property setting, you can easily add a nice, alpha-transparency drop shadow effect to your dialog box, whether you’re using it along with desktop manager or in stand-alone mode.

Adds a real desktop dialog box to web applications

Users can now enjoy real desktop dialog boxes in your web applications without compromise. WebDialogBox is a powerful dialog box component from Intersoft that delivers a true desktop experience. Solid keyboard support allows users to move between fields with the Tab and Shift-Tab keys. WebDialogBox also offers eight predefined button types returned as DialogResult when it is closed. Explore the demo to see how just capable WebDialogBox is.

Adds Real Desktop DialogBox

Advanced visual and behavior customization

Nearly every visual element can easily be changed with just a mouse click. In addition, WebDialogBox exposes a rich client-side API and three client-side events that can easily be hooked into JavaScript functions.

WebDesktopManager integration

WebDialogBox is fully integrated with WebDesktopManager. It seamlessly inherits all of WebDesktopManager’s style and appearance settings for a consistent and professional appearance with reduced design time.

WebDesktopManager Integration
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