Handles both Postback and AJAX callback with ease

Enhanced with FlyPostBack technology, WebButton is versatile and reliable. You can set it to perform full postback or trigger FlyPostBack (AJAX) callback on every click. This behavior can be easily controlled through a single property.

Rich in styles and flexible in behavior

WebButton is easily customized – nearly all visual elements are highly configurable to meet your ASP.NET application needs. Use either Component Designer or the built-in Visual Studio designer window to change styles.

Strong mnemonic key support

WebButton’s solid keyboard support includes implementation of mnemonic keys. Just specify the key in AccessKey property, and WebButton will automatically underline it in the button text. You can conveniently and quickly access the command button from anywhere on the form by pressing Alt + AccessKey.

Strong Mnemonic Key Support

Provides easy parameter passing for convenient data processing

WebButton introduces a convenient way to pass parameters, one of the most frequent tasks in web application development. The Parameter property can be set at both server-side and client-side to pass information during postback. Simply set the client-side Parameter property to the value you need to pass. That value is then accessible in the server-side OnClick event, in the Parameter property of the event argument.

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