Change Web treeview Node Text Color at Runtime

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I need to change the color of Intersoft treeview nodes at runtime base of certain condition.

I tried to attach my css class on WebTreeView1_InitializeNode as below but it is not working.

protected void WebTreeView1_InitializeNode(object sender, WebTreeViewNodeEventArgs e)


        WebLoanDesignerRow WebLoanRow = (WebLoanDesignerRow)e.Node.Value;        

        switch (WebLoanRow.Level)


            case (int)TreeViewSelectedLevel.Type:


                if (WebLoanRow.Enabled == (int)NodeEnabled.Enabled)

                    e.Node.CustomStyle = "SetRedColor";



Please let me know how CustomStyle property works. and how do i able to change node color at runtime.

Also if I try to override the node text by below code then color is changing at runtime but nodes are not being selectable anymore.

                    e.Node.Text = "<font color='red'>" + e.Node.Text + "</font>";

Please reply me ASAP.
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