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Instead of having 10 instances of WebTextEditor running on the page at the same time, I want to use a single editor, with 10 sections  in it to create and structure a document.  The document, i.e., the content of the sections, is then saved to a SQL database with a single button click, the content of each section going into a corresponding cell of the same row in the database table.  Thereafter, I want to be able to retrieve the saved content from the database back into the sections of the editor for editing.  The editor is located in in a WebPane.

Problems when using Sections in WebTextEditor

  1. SpellCheker cannot spellcheck more than 1 section. After that one section is completed, SpellCheker does not catch any other mispelled words in the other sections - (IE; FF; Chrome)
  2. SpellCheker will not spellcheck a section, if that section is collapsed, a javascript wil be raised instead - (IE; FF)
  3. Section does not resize, i.e., does not shrink in height after content is deleted - (IE; FF; Chrome)
  4. Section keeps expanding downward, even without typing anything therein, just by pressing any key on the keyboard - (FF)
  5.  Section does not maintain predefined height on page load - (IE)
  6. WebTextEditor does not resize (if height="100%") when browser goes in and out of full screen mode; bottom toolbar and portion of the vertical scrollbar disappear (FF).

The aforementioned issues do NOT occur with the editor if sections are not used. 

Therefore, if sections cannot be used reliably in the editor to produce a document as described in the scenario above, I would like to know how to use 10 editors on the page to achieve this scenario without severely impeding performance.

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