WebTextEditor - Multiple editors - even just two - on same page do not work properly

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When you place multiple editors, even only two, on the same page, in a container such as WebTab, or divs that you show and hide simultaneously, the toolbars in the editors will not work properly. I have tested this in IE9 and Firefox 15 and 16.

In IE9:  only the first editor will display the complete toolbar.  The toolbars of the other editors on the page either do not show completely (if standard mode is used, for example) or do not show at all (if Complete or Rich modes are used, for example), until you resize the browser or switch back-and-forth between the view modes at the bottom of the editor.  Somebody has previosuly raised this issue here:

http://www.intersoftpt.com/Community/WebTextEditor/WebTextEditor-Problems/; I do not believe that this was resolved.

This issue does not exist in IE if doctype XHTML is used.  But I need to have two editors in WebTab, one editor per tab, in PanaManager; and your PanaManager does not support XHTML.

In Firefox: The toolbars are displayed without problem, but the two editors, which are exactly the same, except for their id, do not have exactly the same size.  You can see one of the editors "moving up or down" when switching between the two tabs.

Please provide a fix to ensure that multiple editors work properly when placed in tabs or divs, and regardless of the doctype used.



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