Many texts cannot be customized/translated.

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Many of the texts used in the WebTextEditor cannot be customized (or in our case translated) through the TextSettings. See the attached files for screen captures of most issues.

Another issue is that while the "InsertTableText" property exists, it's value is only used in the initial title of the insert table popup. Once you select a table layout in this popup (which will replace the text by the dimensions of the table), the title will come back to it's initial value and not the value provided in the property.

A list of the issues which can be seen in the attached images:
All the texts in the color picker (color picker.png)
The message sown when clicking the paste item in the toolbar (paste message.png)
All the text of the actions in the undo and redo menus (undo redo.png)
The title of the insert link callout and it's list of targets (insert link.png)
The title of the insert from web callout and it's list of media types (insert web.png)
The title, insert button, cancel button and templates names of the table designer (table1.png)
The list of alignments of the table designer (table2.png)

As our application can be used in french, we have to be able to translate all the texts of the control, we cannot have any which remains in english.


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