IE11 with X-UA-Compatible Set to Edge

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Loren DevineMember
If I click and drag to create an appointment in IE11 with X-UA-Compatible Set to Edge, I will receive an "Object doesn't support property or method 'attachEvent'" javascript error. This will also happen if I click on the event and then click Edit as well.

If I perform these sames actions in IE11 or IE11 with X-UA-Compatible Set to 10, I don't receive any errors and everything works correctly.

What is X-UA-Compatible?

Due to a previous issue, we forced our IE 11 users to add our site to their Compatibility View Settings and we added the meta tag described in the above article to force the user into IE9 mode. The issue is now resolved, and I'm looking to force our users into Edge mode. This is when I discovered the 'attachEvent' issue described above with the WebScheduler.

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