Webgrid doesn't update row after OnCellDblClick

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Eray GeveciMember

Hello, i have a WebGrid with some rows filled, when i doubleclick to a specific cell it will call the function "WebGrid1_OnCellDblClick" and sets the current DateTime in the Cell. after i press shift and Enter it won't save the changes in die DB. It doesn't recognize the entry as an Update. When I edit a cell by myself it work.  Do you have any solutions?

here is my code:

        <ISWebGrid:WebGrid ID="WebGrid1" runat="server" Height="518px" UseDefaultStyle="True"
            Width="1219px" DataMember="DefaultView" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1">
            <RootTable DataKeyField="ID">
                    <ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn Caption="ID" DataMember="ID" DataType="System.Decimal" Name="ID"
                        Width="100px" Visible="False">
                    <ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn Caption="Ankunft" DataMember="ANKUNFT" DataType="System.DateTime"
                        Name="ANKUNFT" Width="150px">
                    <ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn Caption="Abreise" DataMember="ABREISE" DataType="System.DateTime"
                        Name="ABREISE" Width="150px">
                    <ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn Caption="Status" Name="STATUS"
                        Width="100px" DataMember="STATUS" DataType="System.Decimal">
             <LayoutSettings AllowAddNew="Yes" AllowDelete="Yes" AllowEdit="Yes" AllowFilter="Yes"
                <ClientSideEvents OnCellDblClick="WebGrid1_OnCellDblClick" />


       function WebGrid1_OnCellDblClick(controlId, tblName, rowIndex, cellIndex, cellEl) {
          var grid = ISGetObject(controlId);
          var WebCombo2 = ISGetObject("WebCombo2");
          var now = new Date();
          var datum = (pad(now.getDate())).toString() + "." + (pad(1 + now.getMonth())).toString() + "." + now.getFullYear().toString() + " " + (pad(now.getHours())).toString() + ":" + (pad(now.getMinutes())).toString() + ":00";
          if (cellIndex == 17) {
              grid.GetSelectedObject().ToRowObject().GetCell('ANKUNFT').SetValue(now, true);
              grid.GetSelectedObject().ToRowObject().GetCell('ANKUNFT').SetText(datum.toString() );
              grid.GetSelectedObject().ToRowObject().GetCell('STATUS').SetValue('0', true);
          if (cellIndex == 18) {
              grid.GetSelectedObject().ToRowObject().GetCell('ABREISE').SetValue(now, true);
      return true;


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