Dear customer,

WebUI Studio 2011 is here and it brings many new things and enhancements to the ASP.NET version.

All-new WebCombo 5
Introducing WebCombo 5, titled “Industry’s fastest ASP.NET Combo Box”. Further refined with sophisticated Client Binding technology, the new WebCombo delivers triple performance with 40% less bandwidth compared to its predecessor. More importantly, the new features works in concert with previous key features such as multiple column display, linked WebCombo, various text querying features, and more. Click here to explore the new samples. Or here to learn more the new feature in detail.

Better support for Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 4
The latest version brings a long list of enhancements to most ASP.NET controls, including WebCombo. It also updates every XHTML-ready ASP.NET controls for better cross-browser compatibility, especially the new Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 4.

For more information about the latest innovations in WebUI Studio 2011, please visit 2011 Tour page.