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Posted: February 2, 2017 8:00 PM

Okay, so what's cooking? Any updates yet? It's 2017, there must be something, right?

Posted: December 2, 2016 6:47 PM

I was told the release is around mid November... which is obviously delayed.

Posted: August 4, 2016 3:59 PM
And please... pretty please, update the Web API samples to use the latest version of ASP.Net Identity. Thanks!

And... here we go again. Kindly reset activate for all products under registered email. 

P.S. There has to be a better way of doing this.

See... this is just one sample of undocument procedures. Extensibility of the client apps such as of those implemented for iOS, Android, Phone is nowhere to be found. Because these templates are tightly-coupled with the Crosslight binaries. In which part of the client framework are those controllers being consumed? In this instance, how would you modify the client app implementation to cater customizations such as these when you don't know where to start? Are we suppose to extend the AppFramework? It's like with Crosslight... just get the samples and you're on your own. I hope you can sense our frustration here. If you can guide us to the right path, then that would be nice.

Could you please reset our license activations for Intersoft Premium products.

P.S. An online license manager would be very helpful in cases where it is impossible to deactivate licences from the desktop application.


We can't possibly do this because the app features a modal context. Understand that this is a live app in production and requires immediate attention. The modal context is an existing feature with Crosslight, so we're hoping that this bug should not be taken lightly. That workaround just won't work with our app. Thanks!

Any updates? 

If you looked at the error, I did mention the issue happens when closing the view. The error shows that it is an issue when using the NavigationService.Close() method. I have no problem running the sample as you have suggested neither do I have concerns when running our own code. The only issue is when using the Close() method. We used NavigationService because we had to close a modal master/detail context where the form view is loaded. This happens when clicking on Save and/or Done on the form view.

We've modified the sample file to replicate the error. We've added a functionality on "Update" button to launch a view on modal form. Click any item from the list, once on the Location detail view... a list of contacts should be in that form. Then click Done button (DO NOT click any item from the contacts list, it's not important), you should now receive the error.

Please use 4.0.5000.327

Thanks Arief! That worked perfectly!

But, here comes another issue... or possibly on how batch update is working with this setup. Try to use an Android phone, and modify the values for at least 4 items, save them and then reload. Check that the values are scrambled. I guess this has something to do with scrolling the items, like there's a virtualization going on to the listview which reuse previous controls in return the values of the old is being replaced by the new bound item.
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