Update problem when using ISDataSource

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xu guochunMember

Hi ,

  I am tring to update the data in the webgrid , then there will be a alert said "update failure etc" . But in fact , the data in the webgrid is change and the data in the database is also change . It mean update success .

<ISDataSource:ISDataSource runat="server" ID="IDS1" SchemaName="Bizlogic.DB_Frame_CustomPageSetting">
           <ISDataSource:ISDataSourceTable SelectMethod="Select" TypeName="Bizlogic.DB_Frame_CustomPageSetting"
 TableName="DB_Frame_CustomPageSetting" EnablePaging="true" SelectCountMethod="SelectCount">
                     <asp:QueryStringParameter Name="categoryNum" DbType="String" QueryStringField="ParentCategoryNum" />

   The code above I used is to bind to webgrid , and the update method I used is OnBatchUpdate . The image in the attach file is that alert .

  Anyone can help me ? Thanks a lot !

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