ISDataSource - Stored Procedure with Input Parameters

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I created an ISDataSource (version 1.0.1500)  on a web form in order to populate a webgrid (version 8).  The The schema type for the ISDataSource is a dataset that calls a stored procedure with 2 input paramaters.  The Select method is set to pull the parameter values from text boxes on the web form.  This is being done to allow the end user to control the amount of data returned to the grid.  Due to the large volume of data available we want to display a smaller amount in the grid initially and allow the end user to add more by changing the values in the text boxes and refreshing.

The program is ignoring the values entered into the textboxes.  Would it be possible to obtain a sample of how to use an ISDataSource with a stored procedure and input parameters that are on a web form?  I reviewed the documentation extensively but there isn't much detail on parameters and ISDataSource.

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