Connecting with ISDataSource at runtime using dynamic dataset,

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In my app. I have a datastructure that has dynamic number of columns (and rows). It is a report. I retrieve data from the database and build a DataSet runtime to hold the data. I define the tables, columns in eahc table, etc. Actualy there is only one table, but as I say the number of columns is dynamic. Then I bind this DataSet to a WebGrid. All works fine untill the number of rows x columns increases, building the WebGrid is very time consuming on the web server (typicaly when rows x columns > 168 x 8.

So I thought the solution would be to bind the WebGrid with a ISDataSource in code. But how can I create a ISDataSource in code when there is no schema name. There is no need for a GetData method ad the DataSet table is already populated, when I want to bind the WebGrid to the ISDataSource in the InitializeDataSource event.

Is there any solution to this?

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