Hello everyone,

I have just acquired the license for Crosslight, and I will have some questions about this powerful framekwork.

In order to start my application well, I would like to leave right from the start.

At first, I would like to know how to put the license runtime, because I can not insert it in and in the startup page, they say to put me the xml in the AssemblyInfo.cs (in the CORE project)

[Assembly: IntersoftLicense ("Insert your runtime license here"]]

While in my xml, I have several tags: id, type, licensedproducts, customer and signature

I tried to put the id and signature but it's still marked "trial version"

And my second question concerns the start of a mobile project.

I would like to create a mobile application that gathers almost all the services offered by the framework (gps, push notification, push pull, login with facebook etc etc)

But I do not know if I have to go and implement services as per tutorial (with project wizzard and select blank project), where to go on the template business locazliable and change according to my needs.

How do you advise me to start my big project?

I have visual studio 2015 company with a virtual machine and mac el captain

Thank you in advance for your answers :-)