How to Use Crosslight with Existing Login Entities or Tables

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Jimmy TungolMember


We don't want to use the existing login or authentication mechanism based on the Business template for the Web API. We only want to use a simple validation for username and encrypted password. We understand that there is a need to pass IdentityUserLogin (e.g. public virtual User GetUserProfile(IdentityUserLogin identity)) on some methods for the IdentityController, which is part of the Microsoft.AspNet.Identity package. However, we don't need this and we want the IdentityController to make use of custom Account/User table from an existing database only. We can't create this from scratch, so we need to implement a solution where we can use the existing login credentials from an old design. We can modify a few methods that is being exposed on the IdentityController, but we can't do the same for those methods with parameters that contain models from Microsoft.AspNet.Identity package.

  • Is it safe to just remove these methods and retain ONLY what's necessary?
  • When using a custom Account/User table, are there necessary methods that should remain on IdentityController? If so, please advise which of those methods should remain.


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