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Hello Crosslight Support,

there is a strange behaviour when using the form editor. Please, take a look at the fieldservice sample. After login select an assignment in the list. In the assignment view navigate to the expenses tab and select one of the expenses. Now, you are in the edit expense view, which is made with Crosslight form editor. Change some data here (e.g. Expense Type) and use the back arrow (top left corner) to navigate back.

I thought that this back arrow is the same as cancelling the changes made in the edit expense view. I thought this, because there is an explicit save button in the top right corner. But back in the expenses tab, all the changes were saved and visible.

Is this the intended behaviour? Is it possible to cancel the changes when navigating back? A sample or short explanation would be nice.

I tested on Android but I think it is the same behaviour on iOS as well.



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