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Hello Crosslight Support,

I have a problem with the VisibilityBinding attribute on iOS.

I have the following code in the form metadata class:

[Layout(Style = LayoutStyle.DetailOnly)]
[VisibilityBinding(Path = "HasReminder")]
public string ReminderInfo;

The visibility of this property depends on the "HasReminder" bool property of the belonging model class, but "HasReminder" is not displayed via the form metadata class.

When a certain action is triggered, I set the "HasReminder" value in the ViewModel and I call:

this.Item.RaisePropertyChanged(() => this.Item.ReminderInfo);

This works an Android but does not on iOS. When the "ReminderInfo" text should be visible, no additional row appears. When I leave the view and navigate back, the row appears.

When the "ReminderInfo" text should disappear, the text is cleared, but the row is still shown. When I leave the view and navigate back, the row is gone.

Any advice or fix?



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