Does ClientUI work on Mac?

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We have a Silverlight application built on ClientUI controls a couple of years back. One client is about to change all its PCs into Macs. However, out application doesn't seem to work on Macs. I suspected this was realted to ClientUI, and when I try to run, it doesn't work on any of the Macs.

The loader spinns until 100%. Then it continues forever without showing the application. The strange thing is that the developer console is completely empty - there is absolutly no error messages. There are also no timeouts.

I have upgraded Silverlight to the latest version. I have tried both FireFox and Safari. I have tested other Silverlight applications (which works without issues). I have tested on computers. (PCs works without issues.) I have a tried many different macs at the client company, without luck. (I have tested with private macs outside the company - these seem to work.)

Is this a known problem? Do you have any ClientUI issues on macs?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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