With the announcement of public availability of Windows 10 on 29th July, 2015, we are dedicated to bringing full support to its product lineups from day 1. The entire WebUI suite is now enhanced to fully support the newest built-in Microsoft Edge web browser and renders in pixel-perfect retina display. Moreover, ClientUI controls have also been tested to fully work in supported browsers running on top of Microsoft's latest and greatest operating system.

Along with the new operating system, Windows 10, Microsoft has announced the RTM availability of the .NET developers' favorite IDE, the Visual Studio 2015. The new IDE brings many exciting features to the table such as custom windows layouts, a better JustCode code editor with Roslyn support, shared project, IntelliSense support for XAML, Bower and NPM, and much more. The ClientUI product lineup have been upgraded to fully support the design-time capabilities of the new IDE.

Thanks to our team for their hard-work as we continue our enduring commitment to bringing great products that will significantly speed up development time on top of Microsoft's revolutionary operating system.

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Martin Lie