ClientUI 5 for Silverlight and WPF is here!

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Dear our valued customers,

Thank you for your continuous support and interest in ClientUI®, Intersoft's latest and most comprehensive user interface library for building the next-generation user experiences for the Silverlight and WPF.

Getting Started with ClientUI 5

Here are some useful links for you to quickly getting started with ClientUI.

What's New in ClientUI 5

ClientUI 5 adds over 30 new essential LoB controls for Silverlight and WPF, summing up to a total of 290 controls for the entire suite.

The new release is strongly focused in three areas: rich data presentation controls, high-fidelity document viewer controls, and advanced navigation controls such as tree view. There are several essential UI lineup added in this release as well, such as a resizable pane and Outlook-style fluid navigation bar.

This release also includes an extended MVVM support for both WCF RIA Services and DevForce. Over 14 new business project templates for Viisual Studio 2010 are added as well, giving you the framework you need to build rich Silverlight/WPF applications fast. Both C# and VB version are available.

Find out the complete details of what's new in ClientUI 5.

Introducing ClientUI 5

ClientUI At a Glance

Beyond just a set of components, ClientUI takes Silverlight development to a whole new level by putting together MVVM-ready framework, supercharged navigation framework with nested navigation support and role-based authentication, WPF-style routed command and events and powerful, easy-to-use drag-drop controls. And with over 180+ rich UI controls with strict ISO-standards conformance, now you can quickly and rapidly create any types of rich Silverlight applications where your creativity is the only limit.

Since ClientUI resembles a wide range of feature-sets ranging from architecture to development to runtime, it gives all the tools needed in RIA development for different types of users, from system architects, web developers to UX designers and end users. Visit to discover what ClientUI can do for you.

Experience ClientUI Online

To demonstrate various lineups of controls available in ClientUI, we've made available hundreds of fresh user interface samples ranging from basic business scenarios, to productivity application, to commercial-class user experiences such as elegant to-do list interface with intuitive callout, realisitic iBook-style document library, and more.

Visit ClientUI Showcase to experience ClientUI for yourself.

Learning Resources

The following blog series were published to help you understand the common aspects and challenges you will encounter while building business Silverlight and WPF applications. Specifically, these blogs discussed on various ClientUI technologies designed to elegantly address the development challenges, from MVVM, commanding, Silverlight and WPF shared source, to UX and navigation. Learn how to build real-world MVVM applications that target Silverlight and WPF using ClientUI and DevForce:

Get the Support You Need

As you jump start with ClientUI, we're sure you’ll have questions around the usage, features, or how-to achieve specific tasks using the various ClientUI controls. Please post your questions in this forum and expect a same-day response from our support engineers.

Enjoy ClientUI,

Intersoft Product Team.

Providing the most excellent technical support for Intersoft customers. Your satisfaction is our success.
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