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February 2015 Editorial

Crosslight 3.3 is Now Available, New Crosslight How-to Articles Complete With Samples

Martin Lie

Customer Relation Executive

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We are excited to announce the latest release of Crosslight 3.3. In this update, we strongly focused on stability improvements for all Crosslight components including enhancements from several feedbacks that we received from our loyal customers. Read more.

Additionally, we also ship 2 new major features for Android. Introducing new grid fragment for Android, you can now easily display a collection of items in a Grid layout with full MVVM and data binding support. The other feature is an advanced location service for Android, which offers highest level of location based on latest Google Services library. Read more in this blog post.

Our developers have been actively involved in releasing several enhancements and bug fixes, as well as providing walkthroughs and how-to topics complete with samples. This month, we have created several important topics on how to utilize Crosslight in your apps, such as using Crosslight SQLite for local data storage, creating custom bindable properties and binding adapter and many more.

Let's take a deeper look on the new features available in Crosslight 3.3.

New Android Grid Fragment with Full MVVM and Data Binding Support

Introducing the new GridFragment for Android, you can now easily display a collection of items in a nicely arranged Grid layout. With full MVVM and data binding support built to the new Grid Fragment, you can swap the existing List layout with the new Grid layout by just changing the view's fragment class – absolutely no changes on your existing UI logic or data access layer. Learn more.

image of New Android Grid Fragment with full MVVM and Data Binding Support
Image of New Advanced Location Service for Android

New Advanced Location Service for Android

Crosslight 3.3 adds a new powerful location service based on Fused Location Provider available in latest Google Play Services. The new location service offers more accurate and faster location coordinate capturing through the available network, including the automatic use of GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi network. Learn more.

How-To: Create Custom Bindable Properties and Binding Adapter in Crosslight

This topic describes how you can add custom binding properties that are not included in Crosslight's built-in bindable properties. Since Crosslight leverages MVVM, Crosslight provides a way to bind the property of View to the property of ViewModel through BindingProvider class in the Core project. Learn more.

image of how-to: create custom bindable properties and binding adapter in crosslight

How-To: Create Crosslight Business Apps with Local Data Storage (SQLite)

This topic provides in-depth guidance to create apps that use SQLite as its local data storage using Crosslight Business Template. You will learn how to configure SQLite for the first-time, setting up the domain model through Intersoft Entity Designer, and add some simple settings and code to enable the SQLite. Learn more.

image of how-to: create crosslight business apps with local data storage (SQLite)

How-To: Implement Data Synchronization using Crosslight Enterprise Framework

image of how-to: implement data synchronization using crosslight enterprise framework

This topic describes how to implement data synchronization in your apps using Crosslight Enterprise Framework. Data synchronization has increasingly becoming a standard requirement in today's business apps which allows changes to be made offline and then automatically sync'ed to the server when online. This allows users to continue using the app regardless of the Internet connection availability. Learn more.

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