Intersoft ClientUI Documentation
Window and Dialog Boxes How-to Topics
The topics in this section describe how to implement and accomplish windowing related tasks in your application using ClientUI windowing framework.

In This Section

How-to: Open a UXWindow

How-to: Open a UXWindow Based on URI

How-to: Open a UXWindow using Command

How-to: Close a UXWindow

How-to: Hide a UXWindow

How-to: Open a UXDialogBox in Modeless Mode

How-to: Open a UXDialogBox with Attached Window

How-to: Create and Open a UXDialogBox using MVVM Pattern

How-to: Open a UXMessageBox

How-to: Create and Open a UXMessageBox using MVVM Pattern

How-to: Integrate UXDesktop to UXDesktopDock

How-to: Open a UXWindow from UXDesktopDockButton

How-to: Pass parameters to a UXWindow during Startup

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