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Walkthrough: Create New Intersoft ClientUI MVVM Application Template

This walkthrough shows how to create ClientUI MVVM Application project with Intersoft ClientUI MVVM Application project template. 

This walkthrough demonstrates the following tasks:


You need the following components to complete this walkthrough:

Creating a new ClientUI MVVM Project

The new ClientUI MVVM application project is created by using the Intersoft ClientUI MVVM Application project template. Use the following steps to create a new ClientUI MVVM Application project. 

To create a new ClientUI MVVM Application project

  1. Started Visual Studio 2010.
  2. On the File menu, click New and then Project.
    The New Project dialog box appears.
  3. In the Installed Templates pane, expand the Visual C# or the Visual Basic node and select Silverlight.
  4. In the list of templates, select Intersoft ClientUI MVVM Application. The following illustration shows an example of the Silverlight project templates.
  5. Specify a name and a location for the application and then click OK.
    The New Silverlight Application dialog box appears as shown in the following illustration.
  6. Select a method for hosting your Silverlight application.
    1. Uncheck the Host the Silverlight application in a new Web site check box if you do not want to use a Web site to host your Silverlight application. Instead, an HTML test page will be generated to host your application.
    2. Check the Host the Silverlight application in a new Web site check box if you want to add a separate ASP.NET Web site or ASP.NET Web Application Project to your solution to host the Silverlight application. If you select this option, you must also specify the New Web project name and New Web Project Type.
  7. From the Silverlight Version drop-down list, select the Silverlight version 4.
  8. Click the OK button.

Intersoft ClientUI MVVM Application Project Files

Intersoft ClientUI MVVM Application project contains the following configuration, assembly references, and code files:

Intersoft ClientUI MVVM Application Project Web Site Files

If you check the Host the Silverlight application in a new Web site check box in the New Silverlight Application dialog box, an ASP.NET Web site is created and added to the Silverlight solution. The Web site contains the following files:

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