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Advanced Content Controls Overview

Intersoft ClientUI includes a vast collection of state-of-the-art content controls to enhance your application with great user experiences.

In addition to its rich styles and features, these advanced content controls are fully comply to the ISO-standards in usability, enabling developers and UX designers to rapidly add great presentation without trading-off the fundamental usability aspects.

ClientUI's advanced content controls are ranging from essential items control such as accordion with elegant sliding animation and powerful list box with smooth drag-drop and MVVM support, to interactive call out, intelligent popup, and an elegant Aero-theme scroll viewer that designed based on platform-standard human interface guidelines.

In This Section

The following table lists the advanced content controls available in ClientUI.

A headered selection control with collapsible content and drag drop capability.
An interactive CallOut control with compelling animations.
Items control with customizable panel, templates and styles.
A rich, MVVM-ready listbox with text search and much more.
A feature-rich, Outlook-style navigation control.
An advanced popup control with smart position detection.
A fluid content control with built-in resizing and expand/collapse.
A content scroller with professional sliding animation.
An elegant scroll viewer with Aero-style scrollbars.
An advanced content control that fits its size to the content.

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