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Intersoft.Client.UI.Navigation Namespace
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Contains ClientUI navigation controls.
ClassChildNavigationEventArgs Provides data for the ChildNavigation event.
ClassFragmentNavigationEventArgs Provides data for the FragmentNavigation event.
ClassJournalHistory Represents the journal history management for a navigation control.
ClassNavigatedCommandParameter Represents the class that provides contextual information for the NavigatedCommand.
ClassNavigatingCancelEventArgs Provides data for the Navigating event.
ClassNavigationDirectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for ResolveNavigationDirection event.
ClassNavigationEventArgs Provides data for non-cancelable navigation events, including LoadCompleted, Navigated, and NavigationStopped.
ClassNavigationEvents Represents navigation-related routed events.
ClassNavigationFailedEventArgs Provides data for the NavigationFailed event.
ClassNavigationProgressEventArgs Provides data for the NavigationProgress event.
ClassNavigationStateChangedEventArgs Provides data for the NavigationStateChanged event.
ClassSitemapData Represents SitemapData object that will be used by UXBreadCrumb control.
ClassUriConverter Utility class that converts Uri to string.
ClassUriMapper Converts a uniform resource identifier (URI) into a new URI based on the rules of a matching object specified in a collection of mapping objects.
ClassUriMapping Defines the pattern for converting a requested uniform resource identifier (URI) into a new URI.
ClassUXBreadCrumb Represents a navigation control that provides breadcrumb navigation.
ClassUXBreadCrumbBox Represents a selection control in a drop-down list form.
ClassUXBreadCrumbBoxItem Represents a control that displays list item.
ClassUXBreadCrumbItem Represents the item in UXBreadCrumb control.
ClassUXFrame UXFrame is a content control that supports navigation.
ClassUXFrameErrorPage Provides an error page when an error occur.
ClassUXJournalButtons Provides predefined buttons for journal navigation which includes Back and Forward button. Currently supported navigators are UXFrame and UXNavigationWindow.
ClassUXNavigationBar Represents a navigation bar that contains a collection of predefined navigation commands such as Back, Forward and Refresh. The navigation bar automatically works with a navigator such as UXFrame or UXNavigationWindow.
ClassUXPage Encapsulates content that can be navigated to by a Navigator such as UXFrame and UXNavigationWindow.
ClassUXTabControl Represents a control that contains multiple items that share the same space on the screen.
ClassUXTabItem Represents a tab item that consists of tab header and tab page.
ClassVirtualizedUri Represents a virtualized URI used in a navigator.
ClassVirtualPath Represents a virtual path used to map URI source in a navigator.
DelegateChildNavigationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ChildNavigation event.
DelegateFragmentNavigationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the FragmentNavigation event.
DelegateNavigatingCancelEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the NavigationCancel event.
DelegateNavigationDirectionChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ResolveNavigationDirectionEvent event.
DelegateNavigationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the Navigation event.
DelegateNavigationFailedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the NavigationFailed event.
DelegateNavigationProgressEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the NavigationProgress event.
DelegateNavigationStateChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the NavigationStateChanged event.
EnumerationDirectionDetectionMode Specifies how the navigation direction is determined.
EnumerationFragmentNavigationDirection Specifies value that describes the direction of fragment navigation.
EnumerationFrameLoaderStyle Specifies the appearance of the frame loader.
EnumerationNavigationDirection Specifies value that describes the direction of current navigation.
EnumerationUriMappingScope Specifies the scope of the UriMapping for a navigation host.
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