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Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXFlow Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
Contains ClientUI coverflow and media player controls.
ClassUXFlow Represents a coverflow control (UXFlow).
ClassUXFlowControlPanel Represents a UXFlow's control panel.
ClassUXFlowControlPanelButton Represents a UXFlow's control panel button.
ClassUXFlowItem Represents a coverflow item control (UXFlowItem).
ClassUXFlowPanel Represents a uxflow panel.
ClassVideoPlayer Provides a lightweight control to display a video complete with its player.
ClassVideoPlayerButton Provides a lightweight control for video player button.
EnumerationDownloadMode Specifies value that control how the video download should be perform.
EnumerationMediaType Specifies values for UXFlowItem's media type.
EnumerationPerspectiveMode Specifies values that controls the UXFlow visual effect mode.
EnumerationStartPosition Specifies values that controls the start position when the UXFlow is loaded.
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Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXFlow Assembly

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