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Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXDock Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
Contains ClientUI dock navigation controls.
ClassUXDesktopDock Represents a Dock-style taskbar interface that can be used to manage windows in UXDesktop.
ClassUXDesktopDockButton Represents a dock navigation button that can be used to launch application and connect to a window in UXDesktop.
ClassUXDock Represents a dock navigation control.
ClassUXDockButton Represents a dock button.
ClassUXDockSeparator Represents a separator control that can be hosted in UXDock, or used independently.
InterfaceIZoom Defines data members that belongs to IZoom mechanism.
EnumerationBackgroundBehavior Specifes value that controls the background behavior of UXDock.
EnumerationBackgroundMode Specifies values that controls the background mode for UXDock.
EnumerationContainerItemType Specifies value that determines the container type.
EnumerationJumpingDirection Specifies value that determine the jumping direction/
EnumerationLoadingAnimation Specifies value that controls the loading animation.
EnumerationSearchFlags Specifies flags that control the way in which the search for UXDesktopDockButton is conducted by UXDesktopDock component.
EnumerationSeparatorMode Specifies values that determines the position of separator.
EnumerationTooltipMode Specifies values that determines the tooltip behavior of UXDockButton.
EnumerationZoomBoundaryMode Specifies values that determines the zoom boundary mode of UXDock.
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