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Intersoft.Client.UI.Aqua.UXDesktop Namespace
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Contains ClientUI window and desktop controls.
ClassMessageBoxOptions Provides options for customizing UXMessageBox's appearance.
ClassUXCommandBar Represents a panel bar used to host a collection of command buttons.
ClassUXDesktop Represents the desktop user interface that can host a collection of IWindow elements.
ClassUXDialogBox Provides a modal dialog box window to obtain user input.
ClassUXDialogBoxEventArgs Provides data for UXDialog event.
ClassUXMessageBox Provides a dialog box with predefined message, icon and buttons used to obtain user input.
ClassUXNavigationWindow Represents a window interface with built-in navigation frame, navigation bar and window host integration.
ClassUXWindow Represents window interface that serves as a logical container for hosting user interface elements.
ClassUXWindowChrome Provides a simple window with styled chrome that serves as a logical container for user interface elements.
ClassWindowButtons Represents the command buttons used in window.
ClassWindowChangeEventArgs Provides data for WindowChange event.
DelegateUXDialogBoxEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the UXDialogBox event.
DelegateWindowChangeEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the WindowChange event.
EnumerationContentMode Specifies the content characteristic of a navigation window.
EnumerationControlBoxPosition Specifies the control box position of a window.
EnumerationDialogBoxMode Specifies the modal behavior on a dialog box.
EnumerationMessageBoxButton Specifies the buttons that are displayed on a message box. Used as an argument of the Show method.
EnumerationMessageBoxImage Specifies the icon that is displayed by a message box.
EnumerationNavigationBarUIMode Specifies the buttons to be displayed in the navigation bar within the navigation window control.
EnumerationResizeDirection Specifies the allowed resize direction in a window.
EnumerationResizeHandleMode Specifies the resizing mode used during window resize operation.
EnumerationStartupLocation Determines the window location during startup.
EnumerationWindowFeatures Specifies the flags that determine the capabilities and features of a window class.
EnumerationWindowOperation Specifies the operation that a window currently performing.
EnumerationWindowState Specifies the state of a window.
EnumerationWindowType Specifies the different types of window that can be hosted by a desktop control such as UXDesktop.
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