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Intersoft.Client.Framework Namespace
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Provides several important ClientUI base element classes, various classes that support the ClientUI application framework and event logic, and other types that are more broadly consumed by the ClientUI core and framework.
ClassApplicationActivityDetailsEventArgs Provides data for ApplicationActivityDetails event.
ClassApplicationActivityEventArgs Provides data for ApplicationActivity event.
ClassApplicationDownloadCancelledEventArgs Provides data for ApplicationDownloadCancel event.
ClassApplicationDownloadFailedEventArgs Provides data for ApplicationDownloadFailed event.
ClassApplicationDownloadingEventArgs Provides data for ApplicationDownloading event.
ClassApplicationEventArgs Provides data for Application event.
ClassApplicationEvents Provides application-related routed events
ClassApplicationInstallFailedEventArgs Provides data for ApplicationInstallFailed event.
ClassApplicationLaunchEventArgs Provides data for the ApplicationLaunchEventArgs events.
ClassApplicationLaunchFailedEventArgs Provides data for the ApplicationLaunchFailedEventArgs events.
ClassApplicationLaunchProgressEventArgs Provides data for the ApplicationLaunchProgressEventArgs events.
ClassApplicationLoaderAsyncResult Provides the data for the asynchronous result of application loading operation.
ClassApplicationPackage Represents a ClientUI application package.
ClassApplicationStorage Describes the members for working with storage in ClientUI application framework.
ClassAuthenticatingEventArgs Provides data for Authenticating event.
ClassAuthenticationEventArgs Provides data for the common authentication events.
ClassAuthenticationEvents Represents authentication-related routed events.
ClassBackgroundEventSubscription<TPayload> Extends EventSubscription<TPayload> to invoke the EventSubscription<TPayload>.Action delegate in a background thread.
ClassBasePackage Serves as the base class for ClientUI application package.
ClassBindingCollection Represents a collection of System.Windows.Data.Binding objects.
ClassBindingDescriptor Describes the members for binding operation in BindingFramework.
ClassBindingDescriptors Describes a collection of BindingDescriptor objects attached to a single framework element.
ClassBindingFramework Intersoft binding framework for relative source and property binding capability in Silverlight platform.
ClassBindingSourceEvaluator<T> Represents a generic binding class used to evaluate the binding source.
ClassCharTypeConverter Represents a converter for char data type.
ClassContainerStyle Represents the container style to be used in the ContainerStyles.
ClassContainerStyles Represents a collection of container styles.
ClassContainerStyleSelector Represents a container style selector class which is used to select a style based on type.
ClassContentChangedRoutedEventArgs Provides data for ContentChanged event.
ClassCornerRadiusConverter Converts a CornerRadius instance to new dimension according to the mode specified in the parameter.
ClassCrossPlatform Represents a utility class that contains cross-platform API.
ClassCursorManager Provides methods to manage cursor changes.
ClassDataBinding Intersoft's data binding extension.
ClassDataBoundRoutedEventArgs Provides data for DataBound event.
ClassDataEventArgs<TData> Represents a generic class which passes a simple object to the event handlers.
ClassDataFilterCommands Provides data filter related commands.
ClassDataProvider Provides methods to work with data objects and entities.
ClassDataTemplateSelector Provides a way to choose a DataTemplate based on the data object and the data-bound element.
ClassDataViewCommands Provides data view related commands.
ClassDateTimeTypeConverter Represents a converter for DateTime data type.
ClassDecimalTypeConverter Represents a converter for Decimal data type.
ClassDelegateEvent<TPayload> Defines a generic class that manages publication and subscription to events.
ClassDelegateEventBase Represents the base class used to publish and subscribe to events.
ClassDelegateReference Represents a reference to a System.Delegate that may contain a System.WeakReference to the target.
ClassDependencyAssembly Represents the assembly referenced in a DependencyPackage or ApplicationPackage.
ClassDependencyObjectExtensions Provides extension methods for DependencyObject class.
ClassDependencyPackage Represents the shared package referenced in a ApplicationPackage.
ClassDownloadCancelledEventArgs Provides data for DownloadCancelled event.
ClassDownloadCompletedEventArgs Provides data for DownloadCompleted event.
ClassDownloader Provides a downloader class that utilize WebClient to download any kind of resource from the web.
ClassDownloadEventArgs Provides data for Download event.
ClassDownloadFailedEventArgs Provides data for DownloadFailed event.
ClassDownloadProgressEventArgs Provides data for DownloadProgress event.
ClassEventAggregator Represents a class that serves as the hub/aggregator for events messaging.
ClassEventManager Provides event-related utility methods that register routed events for class owners and add class handlers. 
ClassEventSubscription<TPayload> Provides a way to retrieve a System.Delegate to execute an action depending on the value of a second filter predicate that returns true if the action should execute.
ClassExternalResource Represents a resource that can referenced from an external package.
ClassFrameworkElementExtensions Framework Element extension methods.
ClassGroupStyle Defines how you want the group to look at each level.
ClassHeaderedItemsControl Represents a control that contains a collection of items and a header.
ClassHierarchicalDataTemplate Represents a DataTemplate that supports hierarchical objects.
ClassIntersoftSAFSettings Provides settings for ClientUI application framework.
ClassISBehavior<T> Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Client UI behaviors
ClassISBindingContainer Represents a framework element class that based on panel used for binding container.
ClassISButton Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Button controls
ClassISContentControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Content controls.
ClassISControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft controls.
ClassISEventManager Provides event-related utility methods specific for Intersoft controls.
ClassISFramework Represents the framework infrastructure of a ClientUI control.
ClassISHeaderedContentControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Headered Content controls.
ClassISHeaderedHierarchicalMultipleSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Headered Hierarchical Multiple Selection controls.
ClassISHeaderedHierarchicalSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Headered Hierarchical Selection controls.
ClassISHeaderedItemsControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Headered Items controls.
ClassISHeaderedSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Headered Selection controls.
ClassISHeaderedSelectionItemControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Headered Selection Item.
ClassISHierarchicalMultipleSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Hierarchical Multiple Selection controls.
ClassISHierarchicalSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Hierarchical Selection controls.
ClassISItemsControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Items Collection controls.
ClassISMultipleSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Multiple Selection controls.
ClassISPanel Serves as the base class for all Intersoft panels.
ClassISPasswordBox Serves as the base class for all Intersoft TextBox controls.
ClassISPopup Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Popup controls.
ClassISRangeControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Range controls.
ClassISRoutedEventArgs Contains state information and event data associated with a routed event.
ClassISSelectionControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Selection controls.
ClassISSelectionItemControl Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Selection Item controls.
ClassISTextBox Serves as the base class for all Intersoft TextBox controls.
ClassISVirtualizingPanel Serves as the base class for all Intersoft Virtualizing panels.
ClassItemsControlHelper The ItemContainerGenerator provides useful utilities for ItemsControls.
ClassIWindowExtension Provides extension methods for IWindow.
ClassJsonSerializer Provides helper methods to serialize data to JSON format, and deserialize a JSON string back to specified type.
ClassKeyStroke Provides keyboard-related utility methods.
ClassLengthConverter Converts instances of other types to and from instances of a double that represent an object measurement such as a height or width.
ClassLocalizationConverter Converts one or more values to be formatted using the text specified in localization manager, which can be bound to a dependency property.
ClassLocalizationManager Provides static properties and instance methods to manage and work with localized resource.
ClassLongTypeConverter Converts an instance of number type to a long type.
ClassMouseEventArgsExtensions Provides extension methods for MouseEventArgs class.
ClassMultiBinding Describes a collection of System.Windows.Data.Binding objects attached to a single binding target property.
ClassMultiBindings Describes a collection of MultiBinding objects attached to a single framework element.
ClassNavigationCommands Provides predefined commands for use in navigation framework, such as Navigate, BrowseBack, BrowseForward and more.
ClassNavigationOptions Provides basic options for navigation.
ClassNetworkConnectivityEventArgs Provides data for NetworkConnectivity event.
ClassObservableResource<T> Represents an observable resource which automatically updates UI elements when the value of its resource has changed.
ClassPackageDownloadedEventArgs Provides data for PackageDownloaded event.

Provides a downloader class that utilize WebClient to download a DependencyPackage.

ClassPackageInstallInfo Provides information about an installed dependency package.
ClassPropertyBinding Describes the members for property binding operation in BindingFramework.
ClassRelativeBinding Represents a Binding class that supports RelativeSource in Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4 and WPF.
ClassRequestingAuthenticationEventArgs Provides data for RequestingAuthentication event.

Provides a downloader class that utilize WebClient to download any kind of resources from the Web.

ClassResources Provides helper methods related to retrieving resources from assemblies.
ClassRoutedEvent Represents and identifies a routed event and declares its characteristics.
ClassScreenStateChangedEventArgs Provides data for ScreenStateChanged event.
ClassSelectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for SelectionChanged event.
ClassSizeTypeConverter Converts a string value to Size object.
ClassSnapshotCallbackData Provides data for callback when called by snapshot-related methods.
ClassStyleSelector Provides a style selector.
ClassSubscriptionToken Subscription token returned from DelegateEventBase on subscribe.
ClassSystemEventArgs Provides data for System event.
ClassTimeSpanTypeConverter Converts a string value to TimeSpan object.
ClassTransformInfo Provides class definition for transform information. Used in drag drop transformation approach.
ClassTraverseEventArg Provides details for child traversing
ClassUIElementExtensions Provides extension methods for UIElement.
ClassUtility Provides helper methods for basic and general purposes for building silverlight controls or applications. This class cannot be inherited.
ClassUXShell Represents a shell component that manages an application's life cycle and provides core architecture to dispatch external content.
ClassVisibilityConverter Represents a two-way value converter for binding a boolean property to a Visibility dependency property.
ClassVisualStateSelector Provides a visual state selector.
ClassWeakAction Represents a weak action, which references an action while still allowing the owner of the action to be reclaimed by garbage collection.
ClassWeakAction<T> Represents a generic weak action, which references an action while still allowing the owner of the action to be reclaimed by garbage collection.
ClassWeakEventListener<TInstance,TSource,TEventArgs> Implements a weak event listener that allows the owner to be garbage collected if its only remaining link is an event handler.
ClassWindowActivationEventArgs Provides data for WindowReactivated event.
ClassWindowCommands Provides predefined commands for use in windowing framework, such as SetActive, Minimize, Maximize and more.
ClassWindowContextMenuEventArgs Provides data for WindowContextMenu event.
ClassWindowEventArgs Provides data for common window events such as Opening, Closing, Activated and more.
ClassWindowEvents Provides the common events for window and window-related operations.
ClassWindowOperationEventArgs Provides data for operation-related window events such as WindowStateChanging and WindowStateChanged event.
ClassWindowOptions Provides basic settings for window creation. This class is derived from DependencyObject to support XAML data binding in styles and templates.
ClassWindowStateData Provides data and state for window.
InterfaceIAnimationProvider Defines the members required to provide an animation to apply in ClientUI controls.
InterfaceIApplicationHost Defines the properties, method and events required for an application host.
InterfaceIApplicationInitializer Defines the members that support initializer when the application is loaded to the domain.
InterfaceIAuthenticationHost Defines the properties required by a navigation host to support basic credential authentication.
InterfaceIControl Defines data members that belongs to Intersoft Client UI Control.
InterfaceIDelegateReference Represents a reference to a System.Delegate.
InterfaceIEventAggregator Defines the methods required in event aggregator implementation.
InterfaceIEventSubscription Defines the members to implement an event subscription.
InterfaceIFramework Defines data members that belongs to Intersoft Client UI Framework.
InterfaceIModalWindow Provides the properties, methods and events to support modal window implementation.
InterfaceIMultipleSelection Defines data members that belongs to multiple selection control.
InterfaceIMultiValueConverter Provides a way to apply custom logic in a MultiBinding.
InterfaceINavigationHost Defines the properties required to implement a navigation host.
InterfaceINavigationSource Provides the common properties to support navigation.
InterfaceINavigationState Defines the common methods to support navigation state.
InterfaceINavigationSupport Defines data members to support navigation.
InterfaceIObservableResource Defines the properties and methods to support an observable resource implementation.
InterfaceISelection Defines data members that belongs to selection control.
InterfaceISelectionItem Defines data members that belongs to selection item control.
InterfaceIShellManager Provides the methods used to handle event notifications raised from an UXShell object.
InterfaceISupportAuthentication Provides properties to support authentication in a content control that can be navigated such as UXPage.
InterfaceITaskBar Provides the common properties and methods for UI controls to support task bar integration with UXDesktop component.
InterfaceITransformInfo Provides interface for transformable architecture.
InterfaceIWindow Provides the properties, methods and events to support IWindow implementation.
InterfaceIWindowHost Defines the properties to support IWindow host.
DelegateApplicationLaunchEventHandler Represents the method that will handle ApplicationLaunch events.
DelegateApplicationLaunchFailedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle ApplicationLaunchFailed events.
DelegateApplicationLaunchProgressEventHandler Represents the method that will handle ApplicationDownloadProgress events.
DelegateAuthenticatingEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the Authenticating events.
DelegateAuthenticationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the Authentication events.
DelegateContentChangedRoutedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the ContentChanged routed event.
DelegateDataBoundRoutedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the DataBound event.
DelegateISRoutedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle routed events.
DelegateRequestingAuthenticationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the RequestingAuthentication event.
DelegateSelectionChangedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the SelectionChanged routed event.
DelegateWindowActivationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the window activation events.
DelegateWindowContextMenuEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the context menu events for windows.
DelegateWindowEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the common events for windows.
DelegateWindowOperationEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the operation-related events for windows.
EnumerationApplicationActivity Describes the activity mode of application.
EnumerationApplicationActivityState Describes the state of a particular application activity.
EnumerationBindingSourceMode Describes the location of the binding source relative to the position of the binding target.
EnumerationClientPlatform Represents the type of the client platform
EnumerationContentType Specifies value for content type.
EnumerationDialogResult Specifies identifiers to indicate the return value of a dialog box.
EnumerationDock Specifies values that control the behavior of a control positioned inside another control.
EnumerationDownloadFailureKind Determines the reason of the download failure.
EnumerationDownloadState Determines the state of the download progress.
EnumerationNoExecuteBehavior Determines the UIElement state when the associated Command can't be executed.
EnumerationPreferredContentSource Specifies the preferred content source.
EnumerationRoutingStrategy Indicates the routing strategy of a routed event.
EnumerationStorageScope Specifies the scope of the isolated storage used in ClientUI application framework.
EnumerationSubscribeOptions Specifies the options used in Subscribe methods in an event aggregator.
EnumerationSystemEventType Indicates the type of a system event.
EnumerationViewCreationState Defines the value for the view state in the region.
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