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Input Controls Overview

Intersoft ClientUI provides a comprehensive library of input controls to support rich form and modern user interface development. Ranging from tri-state check box and radio button, Aero-style text box and password box, to auto-complete combo box and innovative search box - ClientUI input controls are paramount in building rich form and presentation application with great user experiences.

Standards-compliance usability features are built into the control architecture of many input controls which includes focus management, keyboard focus visual, access key, and more - enabling you to ship compelling applications that comply to the usability standards. Some selection controls such as radio button and check box seamlessly work with focus-enabled container such as GroupBox to provide automatic selection synchronization on controls within the same focus scope.  The UXComboBox sports an elegant, Aero-style look and feel packed with comprehensive editing and selection features that support MVVM pattern development.

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The following table lists the input controls available in ClientUI.

A check box with customizable styles and three-state support.
A combo box control with built-in text search support.
A password box control with customizable mask character.
A button control that represents group of input choices.
A search box control with MVVM and Navigation support.
A multi-purpose text box control with built-in Aero style.


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