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Data Controls Overview

Intersoft ClientUI includes powerful data controls that let you easily build rich data applications for the Silverlight and WPF platforms. The ClientUI data controls are built to adhere to the industry's best practice in design and architecture such as full support for MVVM design pattern. The data controls include powerful features that enable high-performance data application by taking advantage of server data operation such as server paging and server filtering.

Flagship ClientUI data controls such as UXGridView includes many innovative features not available in other solutions, such as server query mode support, MVVM-ready editing architecture, combobox column with value list support, customizable editing controls, multiple data aggregation, fluid drag-drop, built-in column filtering, ISO standards user experiences, and much more. UXDataPager and UXDataFilter supports both client and server operation, and can be easily integrated to UXGridView without requiring tightly coupling. All data controls sport sleek user interface and provide great customizability which enables you to rapidly create engaging data visualization application using your preferred designer tools. 

In This Section

The following table lists the data controls available in ClientUI.

A high performance, MVVM-ready data grid control
supporting data paging, filtering, grouping, and more.
A flexible, MVVM-ready data paging control to provide
paging functionality to any compatible ItemsControl.
A a versatile data filtering control to provide filtering
functionality to any compatible ItemsControl.

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