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Content Controls Overview

Intersoft ClientUI provides a comprehensive library of controls that support rich user interface development, ranging from essential content controls such as GroupBox and ExpandableGroupBox, to visually-compelling content controls such as ContentProjector, ContentPerspectiveContentReflector and innovative ContentTransition with built-in twelve elegant animations.

GroupBox and ExpandableGroupBox implement standards-compliance focus scope which is the most widely used content controls to present a logical group of information. ContentTransition includes impressive animation library that you can specify through simple properly set, from classic fading and sliding to stunning flipping and 3D cube, while the rich content controls such as ContentReflector and ContentPerspective will surely add great presentation to your application.

In This Section

The following table lists the content controls available in ClientUI.

A content control with built-in perspective effect.
A content control with built-in projection effect.
A content control with built-in transformation module.
An advanced content control with 12 rich transition effects.
An expandable content control with smooth animation.
An expandable / collapsible content control with swift sliding animation.
A logical container with 3D round corner border.

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