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Button Controls Overview

Intersoft ClientUI includes comprehensive command buttons and dropdown buttons for building essential application user interface such as in typical dialogs and input forms. All buttons family comes with elegant Aero-style interface with full support for fundamental features such as routed event, routed command, navigation and MVVM pattern binding.

Standards-compliance usability features are built into the control architecture which includes default focus, keyboard focus visual, access key, and more. The button and dropdown family ranges from fundamental buttons such as command button, toggle button and glass button, to innovative dropdowns such as split button and stack button.

In This Section

The following table lists the button controls available in ClientUI.

A full-featured button with built-in elegant glass appearance.
A rich, Aero-style command button with navigation support.
An advanced button with built-in dropdown menu.
A button control with built-in flat style and transparent theme.
A button control that raises its Click event repeatedly.
An advanced button featuring command and dropdown menu.
A rich button with state-of-the-art stack presentation.
A full-featured button with group toggle functionality.
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