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After opening the second half of the year with the remarkable release of WebUI Studio.NET 2008 R2, we are now introducing the first of several significant product updates. Enhanced with more features to cover a broader range of enterprise needs, it's becoming undeniable that WebUI Studio.NET is the ultimate solution for your enterprise web application development.

We’ve also updated our 2009 product roadmap. Expect more innovative Silverlight controls for enterprise-class solutions, such as declarative datasource control, interactive data presenter, and engaging desktop-style controls. These next-generation controls create seamless integration between data and user interfaces and enables accelerated development timeframes and speed to market.

We listened to your requests and we are answering with WebRichTextEditor, WebSpellChecker, and WebFileUploader for 2009's ASP.NET product lines. Unlike our competitors' bare bones offerings, our new text editing suite will provide rich feature sets that leverage our award-winning, easy-to-use interface which help users be more productive and stay organized.

With such substantial component additions and enhancements in a single release, WebUI Studio is an exceptional addition to your web application development toolset - so ahead of the curve, you'll be using it for many years to come. WebUI Studio's numerous additions for both ASP.NET and Silverlight, let you build literally any kind of web application, regardless of size and complexity.

Log in to your Intersoft Developer Network now to read the complete roadmap and see how it addresses your latest project's requirements or click here to request for a 30-day free trial.

Best regards,
Jemmy Haryono
Marketing VP, Intersoft Solutions Corp.

We are back again with another winner of the Sirius 2 contest. The lucky October winner is Carolyn Warburton, a user experience specialist from the US with her comment, "As a User Experience professional, I see that the interface (Sirius 2) demonstrated opens up a world of possibilities with low client footprint. Excellent. The next steps are to work out how we use these building blocks to deliver rich and compelling web application."

"Congratulations Carolyn. I believe you can now build impressive and compelling web applications easily," says Jemmy Haryono, Marketing VP of Intersoft Solutions.

Win a 1-year WebUI Studio.NET subscription by visiting Intersoft Sirius 2 and submit a comment now. We will announce one lucky winner every month until December 2008.

We are excited to announce the official release of Intersoft WebUI Studio 2008 R2 SP1. Featuring enhancements such as WebScheduler.NET, Silverlight 2 RTW support, WebAqua.NET R2, and more stability across the board, WebUI Studio provides high quality innovations in an easy-to-implement package.

WebScheduler 2: Equipped with five-level drilldown capability in TimelineView™, you can now easily add comprehensive resource planning and projections functionality to your web applications. Working with WebScheduler is now easier than ever before: Simply drag-and-drop selected dates to create events in a single click.

WebAqua 2: Fully supports Silverlight 2.0 RTW with minimal issues to ensure easy migration from version to version. WebAqua offers unprecedented polish to your web applications. Join Jimmy in this blog post for an in-depth discussion about our new update.

"WebUI Studio.NET 2008 R2 SP1 is solid proof of our unswerving dedication to deliver the most essential features for developers – features that truly resolve complex challenges in enterprise web application development." says Jimmy Petrus, Chief Software Architect of Intersoft Solutions Corp.

Another crucial enhancement included in this release is comprehensive support for Chrome, the newborn browser from Google. End users can now enjoy the same pixel-perfect rendering in Chrome as they do in Internet Explorer or Firefox. By taking full advantage of Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine, web applications powered by WebUI Studio are much more responsive than ever before while maintaining a consistent layout and user interface.

Read the press release to learn more about new features and enhancements available in WebUI Studio 2008 R2 SP1 and download WebUI Studio 2008 R2 SP1 now.
Calendars and scheduling are among the top requested components in the industry today. Advanced features, an intuitive user interface, and speedy performance are the three most essential aspects required by developers. WebScheduler 2 answers the call for great tools as the most comprehensive scheduling and calendaring solution available. Its dozens of features are designed for business needs, such as the new multiple date selection and the advanced TimelineView™ event-drilling capability.

Try WebScheduler2 Free for 30 Days -- Fully Functional Version. Discover how WebScheduler 2 enhances your mission-critical web application now.
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