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Recently we have just released WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R2 SP1 as update to the previous installer which includes all fixes and enhancements made previously.

Below is the key highlight of what's new in this SP1:

  • New Scenario Supported for WebCombo.NET 4.0: Linked WebCombo now supports Fast AJAX mode (PostHiddenFields=False).
  • New scenario supported for WebDesktop.NET 2.5: Automatically release mouse state when WebDesktopWindow is dragged outside the browser's client area.
  • New scenario supported for WebDesktop.NET 2.5: Add SetContentURL method in WebExplorerPane.
  • Fix included in WebDesktop.NET 2.5 to fix JavaScript error which occured if WebToolBar is inheritted in a custom control.
  • Fix for WebDesktop.NET 2.5: When placed inside WebPaneManager, WebGrid's PrepareDataBinding server side event now is not invoked twice.
  • In WebDesktop.NET 2.5, SubMenu of WebMenuBar is now correctly displayed when the browser runs in dual monitor environment.
  • In WebDesktop.NET 2.5, you are now able to specify an image in WebButton using '~' when it is placed inside Master Page.
  • New scenario supported for WebGrid.NET 6.0: Added new localization file: "Germany (Austria)" and "Germany (Switzerland)".
  • New scenario supported for WebGrid.NET 6.0: Supports partial data retrieval in Classic Paging when the WebGrid is bound to ObjectDataSource or ISDataSource control.
  • Important Regression Bug in WebGrid.NET 6.0 is fixed: WebGrid databinding is performed twice when it is contained in Template-based containers such as WebPaneManager, WebTab, etc.
  • WebGrid.NET 6.0 fixes the bug where the page is incorrectly redirected when filtering DateTime column with partial date input and using non-English culture.
  • WebGrid.NET 6.0 fixes the error when WebGrid's Designer causes Visual Studio 2005 to crash if datasource control setting is invalid.
  • New scenario supported for WebTreeView.NET 1.0: Supports including information about checked nodes when LoadOnDemand is enabled.
  • New scenario supported for WebTreeView.NET 1.0: Modify node's CustomStyle at runtime.

If you are registered customers with retail version products, you simply need to apply the latest hotfixes using Update Manager or download it manually through Intersoft Developer Network 2.0 - My Components section. If you need the new exporting assemblies or would like to get the new updated documentation, you will need to download and install the new installer.

For prospective customers, you are recommended to re-download the trial version installer and start evaluating using the new installer.

Read the complete WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R2 SP1 Press Release.


"All stars shine but none do it more like Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky." The fact that "Sirius" is born to be the brightest star of all, inspire us to give the codename of our forthcoming innovative WebUI components which is based on Silverlight 1.0, "Sirius".

We hope and believe that "Sirius" will deliver new innovations and fresh breakthrough in UI components industry for the Web platform. Sirius will not only  bring the most advanced and unique features but more importantly, also redefines how users work and interact with the Web using new approaches through the latest Web technologies and fresh ideas.

Click on one of the pictures available below to see the larger version of the screenshots.

The "Sirius" preview live demo site will be available very soon. We'll keep you informed as it becomes available, so stay tuned!


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October 2007 Issue

Glancing into what's new in 2008 R1, we are ready to introduce to you WebCallOut.NET which will join WebDesktop.NET family as its 15th member.

Highlighted features for WebCallOut.NET includes:
Automatically adjusting the tooltip and pointing position base on the target control ID.
Layout elements are fully customizable
Animation effects
Supports ComplexImages.
Fully customizable icon
Supports ContentTemplate
Customizable pointing position
Comprehensive client side API for construction and manipulation.
WebDesktop.NET  2.0 Build 14 
WebDesktop.NET  2.5 Build 5 
WebGrid.NET  4.0 Build 28 
WebGrid.NET  5.0 Build 15 
WebGrid.NET  6.0 Build 5 
WebTreeView.NET  1.0 Build 5 

Note that all latest builds above  require an update to WebUI.NET Framework 2.0 Build 49 (for Visual Studio.NET 2003 assemblies) and WebUI.NET Framework 3.0 Build 49 (for Visual Studio 2005 assemblies -- 2006 Products). For 2007 R1 products, you will need WebUI.NET Framework 3.0 Build 506.

Update Manager 1.0 (Start Menu > Intersoft WebUI Studio.NET > WebUI.NET Framework) is for updating all 2006 Product -- Visual Studio.NET 2003 assemblies.

Update Manager 2.0 which is located in WebUI.NET Framework for Visual Studio 2005 program group used for updating all 2006 Product -- Visual Studio 2005 assemblies.

As for 2007 R1 users, you can get all Visual Studio 2005 assemblies from Update Manager 3.0 (Start Menu > Intersoft WebUI Studio.NET 2007 R1> WebUI.NET Framework 3.0).
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