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Jemmy Haryono, Vice President of Marketing

In the past several months, we've been actively blogging on our new 2010 lineups to give you an overview and insights what you can do with WebUI Studio 2010. Today, you can get your copy of WebUI Studio 2010 and start using it in your project.
Introducing WebUI Studio 2010 Release Candidate, it's one of the most anticipated releases featuring 188 new and rich UI components across four Microsoft development platforms – ASP.NET, Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4 and now we've got WPF joined our new lineups too.
The Release Candidate (RC) includes near-RTM product bits with complete feature-sets and stable performance. This means that there won't be any breaking changes between this release and the RTM release – so you can start your trial, or even develop with it straight away. Products documentations and samples are also included for ASP.NET lineups so you can start exploring the impressive new features to add to your apps.
For the Silverlight and WPF lineups, you can find numerous professionally-designed project templates built right into your Visual Studio 2010 IDE. It includes some exciting MVVM business templates with preconfigured login and registration form so you can get started into real business application development in minutes. Be sure to read the getting started document after the installation process as it contains important information about this release as well as several getting started tutorials.
And one more important thing – we include official support for WebUI Studio 2010 starting from this Release Candidate. We'd love to hear your experience with the WebUI Studio 2010, please send us your comment or feedback to or post it to Intersoft Community. If you found something urgent, don't hesitate to call us directly at 1-310-914-0158. We're available 24 hours here for you!
Finally, click here to download WebUI Studio 2010 RC. Visit our blog if you'd like to read more about the upcoming products in WebUI Studio 2010. If you have any comments on this month's newsletter, announcement, or anything else, please feel free to write me at
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ClientUI is Intersoft's next-generation user interface library for Microsoft client platform, the Silverlight and WPF. Featuring generic set of APIs and robust framework, ClientUI is the world's first unified development toolset for Silverlight and WPF development platform.
Beyond just a set of components, ClientUI takes Silverlight development to a whole new level by putting together MVVM-ready framework, supercharged navigation framework with nested navigation support and role-based authentication, WPF-style routed command and events and powerful, easy-to-use drag-drop controls. And with over 60 rich UI controls with strict ISO-standards conformance, now you can quickly and rapidly create any types of rich Silverlight applications where your creativity is the only limit.
Since ClientUI resembles a wide range of feature-sets ranging from architecture to development to runtime, it gives all the tools needed for different type of users. Let's take a look at what ClientUI can do.


MVVM-ready framework, full-featured WPF-compatible routed commands and routed events, powerful binding engine supporting declarative XAML binding and delegate commands are something system architects have wanted for long. System architect will be also delighted with full API compatibility that we invent to 100% identical to the API available in WPF, such as EventManager, CommandManager, Keyboard, Mouse, FocusManager and much more. Advanced frameworks such as Application Framework are also included to enable key scenarios such as loading external XAP, so you can create applications that truly scale.
The end result is obvious – you can now prepare your application architecture to be easily interoperable between Silverlight and WPF platform. Technically speaking, a simple project type upgrading and copy-paste should do the migration without a total overhaul.


Business developers typically aren't designers – they love to use the tools they already familiar with, the Visual Studio development environment. Thanks to the ClientUI's rich designer support, now you can rapidly create business Silverlight solutions without leaving the Visual Studio 2010 development environment. Easily jump start a new project using professionally-designed project template and rapidly add new items – all within Visual Studio. Use copy-paste to instantly duplicate repetitive UI controls – ClientUI's smart designer intelligently knows where to put them properly.
And with 60 rich UI controls styled with Windows 7-theme in your toolbox, you have everything you need to create your next-generation business solutions easily – without have to deal with tedious control templating or styling tasks.


ClientUI is built by UX designers and for UX designers. What's matter the most for a User Experiences designers is tools that work the way just as they expected – enabling them to intuitively create rich user experiences from ideas, concept to finished project. With ClientUI designer extension – the first and the only UI toolset that pushes the Expression Blend® designer capability to the limit – you can now design rich experiences in the WYSIWYG fashion. This means that you can easily create a sample data and bind it to ClientUI's databound controls, select an item in MenuBar automatically opens the menu to have a quick visualization on what the results look like, or even interact with the Window control as if it were running in the browser.
All ClientUI® controls are built with Blendable™ standards, our strict measurement to ensure the most optimal control design when used in Expression Blend®. This means that you can customize every detail of the styles and templates using the same way and manner you already familiar with.


At the end of day, everything you've built is to be used by end users. Your application will only really succeed if end users love to use it – this means that your application should be easy to use, intuitive, fast and responsive, yet visually appealing with subtle animations included.
ClientUI® helps you create commercial-class application interfaces that your end users will love to use since day one – from Windows 7 style user interface, Leopard-style desktop interface to stunning iPhone and iPad interface.
Thanks to the built-in, strict standards-compliance usability features – all the ClientUI controls you used automatically deliver the best user experiences they expected in a next-generation RIA application. This includes input modality, focus scopes, access key, popup and popover behaviors, keyboard visual focus, and much more. And better yet, you don't write codes to use these features – it's already the nature of ClientUI controls.


The wait is over – get yourself a copy of ClientUI today and start building next-generation RIA experiences. Click here to start your download.
While downloading, get yourself familiar with the ClientUI architecture and concept by reading our ClientUI blog posts. Be sure to check out the latest ClientUI blog series that discusses the important aspects in building successful Silverlight navigation application and why you should care about them.


WebEssentials comprises of 8 innovative Web 2.0 widgets that add great user experience to your RIAs. Each component is meticulously crafted to provide visually stunning appearance with its XHTML and cross browser support. Packed with top requested feature means that WebEssentials has all you need to build any RIAs.
  1. Accordion
    WebAccordion generally lets you break a lengthy content into several sections and place it in a collapsible container. You can configure virtually every visual aspect of WebAccordion, such as: the orientation, styles, interaction mode, and more.
  2. Slider
    Featuring single and dual rails mode, WebSlider is ready to help you create a better data entry experience. Its flexible orientation lets you fit WebSlider in any screen estate. The vast item customizations enable you to build any types of selections, from numeric to custom item.
  3. Expander
    WebExpander is a great way to hide a specific portion of information and reveal it as user clicks on it. Sharing similar concept to WebAccordion, WebExpander enables you to have multiple expanded sections. Featuring two expand modes, fixed and flow, it lets you keep your web page from cluttering.
  4. Sliding Menu
    The best thing about WebSlidingMenu is its unique concept, a hierarchical menu with smooth sliding animation. You can use it to build a complex structure navigation system or a load-on-demand content loader. Its data binding feature and editor make it easy for you to connect to your existing XML document.
  5. List Box
    Navigation or data entry? WebListBox does both. As a navigation control, it sports various properties for navigation purpose. As a data entry control, the multiple item selections are handy for form-filling scenario. The time-saving data binding feature let you populate items from your existing data base.
  6. Rating
    With WebRating, you can create any types of rating system and embedded it on your existing Web applications, featuring the customizable rating precision, control orientation, rating direction, various preset styles, and more.
  7. Progress Bar
    Add intuitive user experience in your Web 2.0 sites with WebProgressBar. It lets you shows the progress of a specific AJAX process and notify it to users in real-time. This is particularly useful for business applications which require users to wait while a process is being done.
  8. Calendar
    When you require a calendar control in your website, WebCalendar is the one you can count one. Inside this tiny date widget is a lot of amazing features, such as: keyboard support for quick navigation, various view modes, customizable visual presentation, and more.
Read all post about WebEssentials before you get started with the RC.


Pre-order WebUI Studio 2010 Today and Save 20%.
At Intersoft, it's our highest commitment to make the most out of your investment on our subscriptions-based products. This soon-to-be-released first 2010 release alone will ship 188 new components – and that's equal to ten times more products than what our competitors can offer today. In a sum up, the WebUI Studio 2010 suite brings together 228 premium components across ASP.NET, Silverlight 3 and 4, and WPF development platform. This translates to the world's most comprehensive third-party development toolset available today.
The best part is we still keep the same price even in this pace of quantic-level growth of products. And during this special month, we even give out a special 20% off for every new subscription purchase so you can enjoy finest components in even more reduced costs. But you need to be hurry – it lasts only for 30 days starting today. Contact Intersoft Sales or call us at 1-310-914-0158 to get the coupon code for this offer. A special discount is also available for competitive upgrading and volume licensing.


Together with the 2010 RC release, we've updated our Live Demo with 50 new WebEssentials samples - focusing on general business scenarios, such as contact viewer and online resume form. Our objective is to give a clear insight on the true capability of each WebEssentials lineup and how it adds the WOW factor to your existing RIA solutions.

The redesigned Live Sample enables new users – and existing customers – to easily learn the vast amount of our ASP.NET controls. Users can now select a component based on its functionality, search for a specific feature, explore the new products and innovative feature in the current release, discover all learning and support resources, and many more. Click here to experience our updated Live Demo. is our new brand domain to represent ClientUI®, the Intersoft's most advanced and innovative technology built for Silverlight and WPF application development. will be the home of next-generation RIA showcases using ClientUI technology. Currently, a rich Silverlight business application sample is up and running demonstrating various ClientUI components such as nested child navigation, built-in role-based security, elegant transitions, intuitive UIs and much more. Find out what you can do more with the demo. More business samples will be available as we're approaching RTM release in this month.